Dark Angels Whirlwind - Repaint

I'm still re-painting my Dark Angels army, alternating Marines and vehicles.

  For this one, I modified the way I painted the impacts on the body. Instead of simply painting rusty metal, I added a border of the same color as the body highlights. This border strengthens the zones of rust impact.

  Lenses have been redone, as well as all the red zones. Finally, I added numerous micro-impacts, using a blister foam. And if we look at the old painted version, progress is obvious.


Errant Titan Knight - WiP 5

  I left to Med Tour 2012 with two Titans knights. One was painted since a long time, the other one's painture was still wet when I packed it !

  And I didn't have enough time to show you a correct photo of the last painting works made before this panic departure.

  The last picture showed a shield generator ( the central loincloth) as pure as driven snow and an ageing work postponed for a better time.

  The shield generator was painted. The rest is still to be done. The power fist received some impacts made with Boltgun Métal but the motivation passed on.

  I resume my Doom Angels painting work to have a more beautiful army to present to my opponents. And I will eventually end the knight.One day.


Wobbly Model Syndrome

In the terrible darkness of Warhammer 40.000, there is only a war... Fortunately, some Webcomics tries to resist against the invader. Let us quote the deceased TSOALR ( Turn Signal On A Land Raider) and always active Wobbly Model Syndrome.

The drawing's not academic, but humor is good and always effective. Read it asap, for a sunbeam in the daily greyness.


United colors of Dark Angels (2)

  I dashed into a mad work: I'm going to repaint all the Dark Angels minis I painted since the beginning.

  And as you can see, there is a lot to do!

  However, I think it's totally worth it.

  If we compare both Marines on the right, the new green highlights are effective, even if still tabletop.

  Let me add a better work on the reds and you have Dark Angels which are a little less " dark ".


Dark Angels Rhino - Repaint

  I began painting Doom Angels in August, 2008, and then rarely left since. And in four years of regular work, my painture level improved little by little. To the point that the difference of paint between the first ones and the last painted vehicles is really visible. And I don't speak about the Space Marines...

  I had two solutions: leave the army as is, or throw me in the rafraichissement of all the Dark Angels figurines already painted. Although having two big projects to be launched, I dashed into an all the army re-painting .

And the first "victim" of this update is the old Rhino.

Repaint ? Check !

For those who not one not seen in its version of origin, follow this link.

The modifications are minor but have a real visual impact:
- Addition of a black sign to the left with the Dark Angels "1"
- Highlights remade in very clear green to catch the volumes
- Reds are redone, as well as lenses
- Addition of exhaust gas traces
- reinforcement of the oxidation and the weathring.

The whole work takes a few hours and restores all its charm to the rhino.


Dark Angel Vindicator


  I have the pleasure to be able to add a new figurine to my Dark Angels army! Painted in less than two weeks, I managed to fast paint a tank and her option, while working the paint(painting).

  The bulldozer blade's mounted with lowered lighthouses protections, to present something different.

 I used these two protections as cupboards to show:
- left: the abseiling Dark Angels membership.
- right: Doom Angels symbolism present on all the army's minis.

   The freehand's inspired by the Imperial Guard's symbol, easier to realize that the initially planned imperial eagle.

  As the tank, the blade is worked with blister pack foam to feign impacts and rust.

(and I'm sorry for being late)


Devil's in the details

At first sight, few differences between last week picture of the new one below...
  I painted all the hollow with the Dryad Bark to simulate dirt accumulation and give some volume. I also dry brushed the outlets as well as the canon to enhance the realistic look.

  One can see exhaust traces added on vents, the streaks of rust and leak of hydraulic oil.

The bulldozer blade remains to be done and the vindic' will be ready for the XXVth French Waaagh Day.


Aegis defense line

Phew ! The defensive line is finally painted !

  Two parameters guided me to choose line's color: I had little time to paint it, and it needed to be compatible with several armies.

  With little time to paint the line of defence, I chose a thief painting technique: black undercoat, grey Army Painter paint bomb and that's for the base ! Then, Citadel Layer highlights: Ulthuan Grey followed by a drybrushing of the same hue. Dry brushing's here to give some colors to the large flat surfaces present on  the fortification.

  Then, here comes the aging itself. I start with a Prince August #822, before the 'real' aging. Using a blister foam, I'll treat all the surfaces, with particular emphasis on angles and sectors where shocks are more likely to occur. To complete the work, I added streaks of rust.


An Aegis line in WiP

Line of defense Aegis, WiP...
  It's proven, working in your house is definitely incompatible with our Holy Hobby. But I find a little time to work on an Aegis defense line.


Back to basics

New vs Old color scheme
  The 40k v6 arrival has schaken the foundations of my Space Marine player convictions: goodbye powa-glove sergeants, pay back time for the energy weapon sergeants!

  While painting a new sergeant equiped with an energy mass, I decided to start a repainting of all the other sergeants. Since I painted the Land Raider Crusader, I modified my paint scheme. The green highligts are clearer, reds are over worked and the visual impact is not negligible.

  But the figurines painted since August 2008 do not benefit from this new scheme. I was inpired by an article entitled How to paint Dark Angels posted on the taleofpainters blog. Presenting an effective color scheme, I decided to apply it.

  As you can see below, the new (but not complete yet) rendering seems britghter. And I'll have to apply it to the 3k+ points Dark Angel army already painted ... (I know, it's a crazy project)


Dark Angels Stormtalon

Death comes from above !
  The Stormtalon can finally go to war: the base is completed.

  The crater is a nod to two armies I know. You can see the remains of a Word Bearers SMC helmet , and the other side of the crater, a Venerable Dreadnought Ultramarines leg.


StormTalon WiP (5)

  Now that the flyin' brick thing's painture is done, I'm almost finished with the base.

  Just need to add some details and this flyer will be ready to storm the Emperor's ennemies !


StormTalon WiP (4)

  The Stormtalon painting is complete. No offense meant to the "factory-released" supporters, I made him suffer the blister foam ravages.
  Red additions on the missile launcher and turbines light up the flyer. Add a cutted foot and you have a Stormtalon in full action !
  Now, I need to work on the base.


StormTalon WiP (3)

Before - After
I mounted the Stormtalon's "stand up" and it looks great. But not as great as I wanted it.

It just seemed to be a big green flyin' brick block with wings.
Even the highlights weren't enough to make me think that this flyer wasn't just another Space Marine kit.
My reaction was just... "Meh."

Then, the good idea came when I added the missiles pods.

All the weapons in my DA army are painted in red. On first, I only painted the missiles.
But when I added more red on the missiles pod, the Stormtalon just flashed in front of my eyes.
That's what we call the "Wow!" effect.


StormTalon WiP (2)

I made some progress in the Stormtalon painting, with the the first highlights application and symbols painting .

Two symbols are present: that of the Dark Angels, as well as the RavenWing, both painted in the Doom Angels' colors.

I used the following:
  - Black undercoat
  - base Orkhide Shade
  - highlights Rotting Flesh

  Unfortunately, all these colours are no longer available. Having tried the Caliban Green, it is absolutely not what can replace the good old Orkhide Shade: too much bright (and colorfull) !
By contrast, Nurgling Green seems a good solution to replace the old Rotting Flesh.


StormTalon WiP (1)

Back to our Holly Hobby. And it's difficult, if not laborious.  
  Although the second Titan Knight painting work isn't finished, I started one of the last Space Marines kits: the StormTalon.

  This kit is superb, with instructions you have to follow from A to Z. -Even if I did, I made a mistake. I mounted (and glued!) some parts the wrong way. FUUUU...-
  Council: start with an unglued mounting before all. And think the painting order before gluing anything.

  I mounted the cab and the driver separately from the main "flyer"body. This allowed me to paint cockpit in details.

All this painting work is hidden by the canopy. But it is painted.

Details visible on the side:
-addition of a RavenWing's symbol.
-magnets for weapons systems.


Knight. Plastic. Titan.

Think about a titan.
A Knight titan.
Made in plastic.

I can already hear you yelling at me that a plastic titan is always made by scratch, with a result whose quality is often inversely proportional to its creator's enthusiasm.

There it is, one true Titan Knight, plastic injected. No resin...

And this is where internet's magical. DreamForge offers to all those who are interested to invest in the project so that it can be started !
When the project's minimum start-up sum is reached, it is validated. And during all the funds harvest time, bonuses are added.
Everything is explained in this page.

I wanted to present you this little crazy project. Some will say we must wait to not have bad surprises, or keep our funds for better investment. Although they may be true, I'm all in for this "dream come true".


Med Tour (part 4)

So, hoard u want'd moar ?

The 2012 Med Tour Med had a particular theme: the Horus Heresy.

  And when you see the Lion's Gate assault replayed on a table... it seems that, with a bit of motivation (and much work), one can create beautiful things.

  Ten posts won't be enough to show you all Tour Med marvels. This is why I warmly recommend you make on the site of the French Waaagh, and the Med Tour 2012 section.

  To all those who ask me who made the two Knights Titans and if there is still a way to get them, here's the answer.

They are OoP (Aka Out of Production).

  Beautiful work, they were created by Mr. BigDaddy. Although no more Titans manufacturer today, he still creates many beautiful minis.

Check it out: blightwheelminiatures


Med Tour (part 3)

Before the Med Tour, I had never ever played Apocalypse 40k . The biggest army I ever played was 2000 points so far, and Super Heavy had never left the showcase for the battlefields...

Apocalypse battlefields are A.W.E.S.O.M.E !
When I found myself in an Apocalypse game with no less than 40,000 (forty thousand) (!) points on the table, I realized that I was in heaven. A precision by the way: anyone can set up an army to 4000 points. But when you want to take part in the Med Tour, it is WYSIWYG Full Paint required (NO exception). I therefore played on a table with huge sets, and fully painted armies, from the basic grunt to the hugest titan.

Paradise now!

First game, Orks vs. Rest of the world was a feast for the eyes. Result is irrelevant, because playing with so many points on the table gives you vertigo. The absence of "real" Imperial as Warhounds and Reavers motivated to me to paint one.

Defend the door against a horde of orks? check!
Come get some !

Next day, it delivers cover with a less violent portion with "only" 24000 points on the table. Necrons-Orks vs. Alliance. Eldar Imperium.

This gives a drop-pod that landed before a horde of Orks.
-They are 300!
-We are 10.
- But we are Space Marines!

In conclusion: I have less than a year to paint an Armorcast Warhound and a FellBlade.


Med Tour (part 2)

The Tour Med is a  French Waaagh members gathering Perpignan city. As usual, it's time to play Warhammer 40,000 but here, it is only in an Apocalypse scale !

4,000 points Doom Angels army. Almost...
I came with a little less than the 4,000 targeted points, blame the delivery of two "small" Forge World Eldar minis. After hours of train, I finally arrived in Perpignan, I 'm allowed by the Catalan hospitality , accompanied by a human warmth like no other.

Saturday morning, I discover the playing room. There are four tables and all the armies accompanied by their Super Heavy (tanks, walkers and mega-creatures). Apocalypse means huge tables. And for the Med Tour, the main table represented the Lion's Gate. It is here that we are going to (re)play one of the greatest Horus heresy battle.
Tanks in the ramparts are Stormblades and a Land Raider.

The Lion Gate and the Emperor's gardens.
His Spirit was present on the table.
The other tables were beautiful too. I wish to thank the the Med Tour for the tables quality. It is rare to see so much sets in such quantities and qualities. All full painted, for sure.

Dominatrix vs. Phantom. Epic played in the 40k scale...
(to be coutinued...)


Errant Titan Knight - WiP 4

Bases are applied, highlights too.

  I added some details like the angels on the top and a force field generator.

Base is painted, yet unfinished.

All the shadows are painted, I just need some more time to "age" it. But I think I won't have it done before august.


Errant Titan Knight - WiP 3

  Color scheme appears.
It's the same than the one I applied on the first Knight.

  It's pretty long to apply because you need to spread the white base, then mask all the parts you want to keep white and it's time for the black base.

  And don't forget to paint all the white parts in black before you apply some metal paint. Or you'll see a beautiful difference between the white based metal and the  
black based metal.

  The yellow stripes are here to add some color in this B&W color scheme, and it reminds you where the danger is...


Errant Titan Knight - WiP 1

One more time, I'm showing you some Titan WiP...

But this time, it's a Knight Titan, Errant class.


Old Blood

Capt'n Flowered Beard

He was bigger than life.

 A great ork painter has left us this year. It's Bruno Grelier, better known under the nickname of "Old Blood". If he painted many minis, Orks remained his favourite. Today, wild orks have lost their greatest Big Boss.
   Even if he had many rewards and was full of talent, first contact was warm and easy. He always had a word of encouragement for those who asked his opinion on a mini, and his advice was always welcome. His painting sessions during the French Waaagh Days were a true happiness.
  He wasn't painting a figurine. He gave it life. And if you exposed him an idea that he founded good, then he offered you a mini which you wouldn't have dared to dream. Each participation in a project, each mini offered was a paint and creativity jewel.

  He had a very specific vision of the Hobby. Although his armies were worthy of a Golden Demon, he dealt with it with a minimum of care. You had to see of the players' head discovering Old Blood minis decompose when he loaded them at full grips in his t-shirt to go and unload them on another table. (Priceless) "It's only toy soldiers, I can glue and fix it in any case." such was his philosophy.
A French Waaagh member, which he was too, wrote this tribute, based on the poem by w. h. Auden.  
 I reproduce it here:

Stop the computers, cut the phones,
Prevent the squig from shouting with a disposable snot.
Stop the flamewars, at least make a pause.
Incinerate the body, before the end of the day.

Let Krama-bombas circle moaning overhead.
Draw in the sky these four words Old Blood is dead.
Add black sails to the squiggoths' howdahs,
And paint da grotz gunz in black .

He was my guide, my inspiration, my example, my neurosis.
My week of painting, my Sunday of kloze
My noon, my midnight, my light, my mentor.
I thought that his wildz, never finish he would, I was wrong.

French Slayer Sword winners kneel, or be changed in resin.
Stop manufacture chains in Lenton, Memphis, and China.
Empty pots, tear off hair brushes,
Because nothing good can happen now.

And the picture is taken from the Ze List gallery.


Station V3

I am late, then I propose a webcomic which is never: Station V3.
  Station V3 describes the (mis)adventures of a space station crew named V3. Notice to the those who can't afford absurd humour: pass your way!

  Every day, you'll discover the disasters, incongruous events, psychological reflections and various embarrassment that a crew plunged in the midst of an hostile Galaxy faces.

  It's a galaxy because, with a daily strip for Station V3, Tom Truszkowski also offers Station Z7, Station Q16 and Station K7.

  I warmly recommend you to follow Station V3, with the parallel series Station Z7, this'll be your daily dose of good mood. It is also strongly advised to read the entire series to understand most of the gags.
The other two series live at their own pace, images taking more time to come from that part of the galaxy.


Ulthwé - Revenant Titan

  After three long months, I am happy (and not just proud) to show you the last mini, all issued from Forge World.

  Origined from Ulthwé, I choiced a pair of black/yellow colours. By contrast, the gems were painted in blue.

  Instead of the shiny titan, the basement is dirty and painted in dull shades. Battle damage isn't allowed on Eldar vehicules...

  The basement is too small to accommodate the beast, due to the legs design. I wasn't able to have a flat foot with a leg in a forward position. The reinforcements must be installed at the same time than the positioning. And the weakness of the hip requires more work than a game of Mikado crafts.

  The three Japanese characters on the left thigh are "Water - gun - fire". It is flanked by water (top) and flames (bottom).

  This marking is for the titan's owner: he is the founder and president of the WaterGun association.


I'm weak

  Games Workshop finally officialized the flyers.
I won't speak about the Nécrons flying crescents, they're well drawn and effective. Moreover, their profile already existed in their codex. Whereas the two other are completely new !

Games Workshop StomTalon
  Let's start with the "StomTalon", junior of a long series of flying bricks machines with a very angular design conceived for Space Marines.

  The reactions were unanimous: this is the ugliest plane Games made for the Space Marines !

  After reflexion, this very particular design isn't this shocking. I don't have the kit in hand yet but be sure that the Doom Angels will get a StormTalon in the next months.

  It should be noted that this is the first Space Marine machine with official rules having a "ceramite shielding".

Games Workshop Krama Bomba
  Let us continue with the flyer of the year: the one created for the orks.

  I'm completly f-a-n about this one. The kit is one piece of art !

  I am and remain a Space Marine player, Gork and Mork prohibited me to play Ork. But I must buy this kit to assemble a Krama Bomba. 

  Just for the pleasure of painting a figurine that one can qualify as a "true piece of art".



Army List Analys: I came to Rennes with a list I wasn’t satisfied with. All the units I needed weren’t painted, I had to do with the painted minis I had at my disposal.

Chaplain; Flying backpack, Bolt pistol.
I know, a flying chaplain isn’t the best HQ choice for a vanilla Space Marines army. I wanted to play a “cool” list and such a choice was ok with the fluff I wrote. Next time, I’ll take a Captain equipped with a Relic sword and Combi-flammer instead. 

5 Assault terminators; 3 Hammer & Shield and 2 Lightning claws pairs.
  Transport : Land Raider Crusader; Multimelta.
Assault terminators and Crusader Land Raider are one of the best freakin’ units alliance! I just need to remember that when a model’s hit by a Thunder hammer, it looses it’s initiative and must play after anybody else. 

Dreadnought; Multimelta and Storm bolter.
  Transport : Drop-pod; Storm bolter
Murphy’s law incarnated in one mini. The Multimelta would have missed a Tervigon in a corridor! Add the Drop Pod and these are two KP (Kill Points) offered to your adversary. 

Ironclad Dreadnought; Seismic fist, Heavy Flammer and Hurricane bolters, Grenades.
A rare configuration but, when the Ironclad is immobilized, it remains dangerous and still mobilizes forces to be definitely silenced. I regret I hadn’t one in the Drop Pod (instead of that $%µ! Multimelta dread) during my confrontation with the Dark Eldars. It would have been terribly effective.
However, using the Ironclad without Drop Pod is an interesting choice. And in this case, believe me, the grenades are essential!
After all these games fighting against various armies, obviousness appears: Dreadnoughts used by pair are terribly effective. I hesitate between a second Ironclad in Drop-pod and a “goalkeeper” equipped with Autocannons, Dreadnought fist and Heavy flammer. 

5 Scouts; 4 Snipers, Missile launcher, Capes. 
Capes are obligatory; I haven’t been able yet to test the heavy Bolter.
Scouts can hold surprises. Take 5 of them, embark them in a Storm land speeder making a side attack. Add a Sergeant equipped with a Power fist, you’ll see some sport on the table! 

10 SM; Flammer and Laser canon, Sergeant with Energetic sword and Bolt pistol.
  Transport : Rhino; Storm bolter.
Laser canon is a must have. Sergeant with an Energetic sword is a good alternative to the Power fist option. He offers one more attack in close combat and strikes at I4, which isn’t negligible. The rhino can be used as transport either as a gun platform. 

10 SM; Melta and Missile launcher, Powa glove and Combi-flammer Sergeant.
I prefer the Combi-flammer to the Combi-melta: more effective and less random. Another transport (Rhino or Razorback) would be welcome.

10 Assault SM; 2 Plasma guns, Sergeant with Power fist and Plasma gun.
Very expensive unit. Funny to play but not very profitable.  

Land Speeder Tornado; double Heavy Bolter.
Troops’ nemesis by essence. Fragile but useful. 

The "pizza dealer", essential against mass armies.  

Conclusion :
I finished 19th on 36 with a 15.5/20 note in painting.
Within sight of the obtained results, there remain two things to be made: to take again the painting of my Doom Angels (I only have 3000 points to –partially– repaint) and to work my army list.



  1850 points tournament, list refusal and obligatory painting. In addition, orgas imposed we wrote down a fluff to justify the army prepared for the tournament.

First game: Imperial guard 
  Scénarii: Quarters of table, objectives, KP.

Kill that tank !
  My oppenent's a youg man and this is its second time in a tournament. Three Leman, two Chimeras, a Basilik count-have Medusa and some troops. Our Holly Hobby isn't for him: its army, mainly supplemented with an orga's, is neither finished, nor WYSIWYG. (This guy just won the Most Awful Army Price).

  No stress, we're all here to play. The Multi-melta Dread enters with its pod and misses its shooting (SNAFU). Between the un-WYSIWYG and the Medusa firing indirectly*, I take amazing damages.

 I tighten my teeth, sends my remaining Assault Marines and Terminators to the dread's rescue while the surviving tactical marines add supporting fire. The last terminator will then seek the sections in the ruins. Its tanks explode while its sections die one after another. Victory !

(*) Medusa fires at F10 AP2, direct shooting only.

Second game: Blood Angels 
  Scénarii: capture (5 objectives), Kill the HQ, KP. 

Multi melta's... off.
  Sympathetic adversary, no Black Guard in its army. Three razorbacks, a librarian with Shield of Sanguinus, Two tactical sections with two Sanguiniens Priests, 4xMissile-Laucher Déva, Dread with double autocannon and Land-Speeder Typhoon twins. 

  Between this %¤µ*! Shield on the rhino carpark, the priests' Feel No Pain and my D6 who think they are D3, the game is difficult. I take death every turn, my bolts are made of rubber and the shieldings made in paperboard. Major defeat.

  The game was so boring my adversary apologises for winning!

Third game: Tau
  Scénarii: To take and hold, KP.

  Young player for a traditional army: three Crisis (XV-8 and XV-15) sections, three Fire Warriors sections; a Hammerhead and two XV-88 to make bad things to shieldings.

  He doesn'tcontrol its army yet but, fortunately for him, this is my first time against Tau since we are in 40kV5. Former player Tau v4, I know that he fears close combats. But if I start running in the No man's Land, I can see three railguns which awaits  an error to smoke my tanks.

  The dreadnought arrives in drop-pod and … f*cks up its Multi-melta shooting (ace usual) on the Hammerhead. This one will survive all the game! I drive the terminators in a ruin to dislodge the XV-88 twins. Intelligently, my adversary protected them with seven warriors.
  Despite the amount of fire power delivered by the Crusader, the Fire Warriors resist! Unloading and assault. A termi dies under a combat drone blows. Shooting phase then assault with the XV-88. Another drone kills a terminator. Who programmed those $µ!£ drones !?

  At the battle field other end , a Devilfish unloads its load before attacking the marines. Epic phase of shooting where, after having avoided all the possible projectiles, a tactical marine fires from the rhino trap and... that transport smashes down! Assault marines attack and early reduce it to stray … but they lost two brothers in the following explosion.

  An cool game, with a pleasant and talented adversary despite its weak experice. Facing him again will be a pleasure. 

[Eat, Drink, Sleep]

Fourth game: Dark Eldars 
   Scénarii: Table quarters, objectives, KP.

Hold at any price !
  My oppenent belongs to the WaterGun association too but we never played together. Small detail which has its importance: the game proceeds entirely in night combat! The scenario is simple: each player must go to seek an objective in the other's zone while preventing its adversary from coming in.

  I gain first turn and sends the dreadnought multifuseur-bolter … which misses. SNAFU! The two first turns resemble at my second game: dices start again to think they are D3. Unable to aim correctly, Ravers swing between projectiles. Only trophy to my credit: a complete motojets section, pulverized by the Crusader.

  The game takes a new turn when a simple Scouts section manages to resist a Wyches assault… before making them flee! Meanwhile, Tactical marines hold their position on the smoking ruin of their Rhino, while waiting for reinforcements. And here come the reinforcements. For both sides!

  The game soon becomes an extatic dream where the Pleasure of playing two perfectly paradoxical armies in an epic confrontation  is palpable. Not less than fifteen (15!) units mash up on a modest table quarter encumbered with smoking carcasses. Shooting, fire support, charge, counter-charge. Projectiles fly everywhere, blows rain as hell, dices roll unceasingly and we completetly forget what time it is. Started at 09:30, the game will last no less than 4 hours for four turns (we had to stop it).

Epic battle is epic !
  After ten years practicing our Holly Hobby, I have never ever played such an epic game, with such difficult and crucial strategic choices. I want to thank my adversary for this game that'll remain for a long time in my memory. Thanks to him, he pushed me hard in the game and helped me to discover Warhammer 40.000 on a new aspect. 

Fifth game: Daemons 
  Scénarii: Cross the table, KP. 

Le wild Bloodthirster appears !
  Back from Nirvana, I fall in Hell. I will have to face an army from the Daemons codex, improbable alliance from Khorne and Tzeench.

  On the menu: Daemon Prince twins, Soul Grinder twins and 3 Horrors sections. What an imagination you have! Let us add a Bloodthister, 8 Khorne Flesh Hounds and 6 Tzeentch Flamers for the fluff. And two Khorne Bloodcrushers to have a1850 points army.

  The scenario's not helping. I form a death star at the edge of table and forward! Waves of daemons crash on my defenses, it's annyoning. To add to my chance, my adversary plays its life on the table! Its dice, launched with rage, cross the table and, too many times, land on the ground. He turns as a tiger trapped in a cage while I'm playing and doesn't speak.

Result is like the game: boring no one wins.