[War Machines] Knight Paladin (Part 3)

  Now that the Titan is ready, all the parts were pre-painted with an airbrush.

  This alloxed me to have a perfect black and white base for painting.
  After many, many peinting hours, I can erect the Titan for the first time. \o/
And now, weathring.
   Guitar strings can be usefull!
 I finally added two banners and a poor cultist...

(You can see on this picture all the work I done on the shoulder).
  300 hours of work, but it was worth it.


[Elite] Ironclad

  I'm proud to present my first "real" Ironclad dreadnought: Neron. Based on the Games Workshop Ironclad dreanought kit which can be described as "squary, ugly and... essential".

  Because I wasn't satisfied with the GW arms, I bought another one from Forge World. And it rocks.

  But I had a little problem: the Forge arm doesn't have a heavy flammer on it. This is why I modified the left front down side to integrate a heavy flammer.

  I added a Dark Angel light and purification seals on the front side, and an imperial eagle on the top.
The bolters aren't modified.

   Even if the snapshot isn't good enough, I can tell you that I worked hard on this mini and it may one of the best Doom Angel I ever painted. ^^

  As you can see on the rear view, I made weathering on all sides. Even the Forge World arm was damaged!

  And if you have good eyes, you can see a reference to the Great Provider...


[War Machines] Knight Paladin (Part 1)

Apocalypse games need epic war machines. Like... TITANS!

  In 2009, I bought a Knight Paladin; scratch-bouilded by a friend of mine.

  And I had a lot of work before I could place it on a table for a game...
It was epic even before I started a game!

   I added some modifications to the original kit, like the bucklar fixation.

  I wasn't satisfied with the original parts. I created mine and it wasn't bad.

  I modified the chainsaw tooth too ^^
And the Helmet.
I wanted to make it seem more medieval.