Dark Angel Vindicator


  I have the pleasure to be able to add a new figurine to my Dark Angels army! Painted in less than two weeks, I managed to fast paint a tank and her option, while working the paint(painting).

  The bulldozer blade's mounted with lowered lighthouses protections, to present something different.

 I used these two protections as cupboards to show:
- left: the abseiling Dark Angels membership.
- right: Doom Angels symbolism present on all the army's minis.

   The freehand's inspired by the Imperial Guard's symbol, easier to realize that the initially planned imperial eagle.

  As the tank, the blade is worked with blister pack foam to feign impacts and rust.

(and I'm sorry for being late)


Devil's in the details

At first sight, few differences between last week picture of the new one below...
  I painted all the hollow with the Dryad Bark to simulate dirt accumulation and give some volume. I also dry brushed the outlets as well as the canon to enhance the realistic look.

  One can see exhaust traces added on vents, the streaks of rust and leak of hydraulic oil.

The bulldozer blade remains to be done and the vindic' will be ready for the XXVth French Waaagh Day.


Aegis defense line

Phew ! The defensive line is finally painted !

  Two parameters guided me to choose line's color: I had little time to paint it, and it needed to be compatible with several armies.

  With little time to paint the line of defence, I chose a thief painting technique: black undercoat, grey Army Painter paint bomb and that's for the base ! Then, Citadel Layer highlights: Ulthuan Grey followed by a drybrushing of the same hue. Dry brushing's here to give some colors to the large flat surfaces present on  the fortification.

  Then, here comes the aging itself. I start with a Prince August #822, before the 'real' aging. Using a blister foam, I'll treat all the surfaces, with particular emphasis on angles and sectors where shocks are more likely to occur. To complete the work, I added streaks of rust.