Dark Vengeance part. 1 : terminators - WiP 4

Still late, but I made some progress.

3 down, two more to go.
Ready for metal !
  Two more Knights to paint, and it's a sweet sensation to see all these minis painted. Metalics and faces are to be made, and I'll be ready fir the Med Tour 2013.


Dark Vengeance part. 1 : terminators - WiP 3

  I'm late. Real life problems don't allow enough time to paint, and I'm in a hurry to get my 3k Dark Angels army for the Med Tour Apocalypse (10 & 11 august 2013).

Two Deathwing Knights are almost ready, three more to go. Metallics aren't done, neither their faces.

Two tacticals terminators are done, third one's waiting.

  Being in a hurry, I decided to change my painting technics. Before, I painted all the bases and metalics, then all the highligths and finally the shades. Too long.
  Now, I start with the darkest color, paint bases, shades & highlights. I repeat this operation till I finishes with the brightest one. Then comes the metallic.This method allows me to reduce the painting zones ans helps to "read" the mini while painting.


Interactive Webcomic

  Internet gives us a free acces to a large variety of webcomics. This was prevuated by Scott Mc Clouds since 1998.

  I offer you to test a new webcomic form : a reading and interactive game, designed like a webcomic.

PLay, and read, Icarus Needs, a new webcomic genre.


Deadline it is !

  To be honest, I didn't take any picture. I finished (almost) a terminator, second one is in WiP mode... But I'm  out of  time to give you a snapshot. Sorry readers, I'll give you more next week-end !

  Even Mr Potatoe is upset about me...