Challenge of the End of the world: who made it?

  We are on December 31, 2011 and I can draw up the assessment of the Challenge launched on January 8 of the same year. I started it, and I'll be the only one to finish this Challenge…. Bloodytiti disappeared in the warp and Tunio couldn't finish its 3000 points Nécron. A late codex literally exploded the number of figurines to paint...
  I didn't leave this Challenge unscathed either. I had to supress the captain's command section. Instead, I painted a table and some decorations. Despite everything, I' succeeded in carrying my Dark Angels army at 3000 points. \o/
Click to enlarge, it's a BIG picture
  The 3000 points are reached without the Titan knight, which is a creation (exhausted since) from the founder of Blight Wheels. For 2012, I'd like to ppaint a second knight and a Fellblade, but that will depend on the real life and its risks…


[Transport] Land Raider Crusader

  FINALLY! After two months of presence on the bench, the Land Raider Crusader is finally finished.
  As you can see, I spended much time to work the battle damages. They were carried out with a blister foam and some Boltgun Metal, Vermin Brown and Scorched Brown. The fatty run-outs were produced with a Smoke juce (ref. 939) from Prince August. You can try the same with some Tamiya smoke.
  While having worked the wings as well as the freehands, that didn't prevent from damaging them with many impacts and run-outs of rust.
  The multimelta turret from Forge World is a must-have, as well as the shining varnish on the aiming optics. By the way, I replaced the front turret by a Razorback turret, with integrated optics. It seemed essential to to have optics on each turret to allow the Spirit of the Machine to aim.


[Transport] Land Raider Crusader WiP (5)

  I continue to advance on the Land Raider Crusader. Initially envisaged for the end of November, I had to delay the painting work to paint a table which made its games at the FWD XXIII.

  As you can see it on these pictures, the painting work is very advanced. However, it is still necessary for me to inflict many battle damage to it and add shades. Delivery planned for the end December, in order to make a success of the Challenge of the End of the world…



  My apologies, there wasn't any post last week due to the 23rd French Waaagh Day. Those who already lived one of these will understant why. So, why not explaining what a "FWD" is?

  It's a bi-annual French Waaagh members meeting. Principal obligation: you have to come with an army painted from your own hands. 

  The goal is to make it possible to the members of this community meet around beautiful tables, with beautiful armies to be played, the whole time in good humor.
  The participants, all French Waaagh members, come from all the areas of France. Some don't hesitate to come from the other end of Earth to play their armies with us!

  The great proportion of orks players present in the French Waaagh gives us the occasion to discover and admire a large variety of WAAAGHs.

  The painting and conversion talents deployed regulary leaves me breathless…
When one comes with the FWD, surprises are never far away…

  Some don't hesitate to heavily modify their Forge World minis to create new ones.

  Here, it's a Plague Hulk customed in a Great Unclean to be included in a Dark Mecanicus army, based on a Nurgle Chaos demons army. This army was beautiful and very effective.

  I completely forgot to take a picture of the Games Workshop table I prepared for this event.  Fortunately, l tested it the sunday the FWD and putted it on the French Waaagh's Weapons Choice blog.