StormTalon WiP (3)

Before - After
I mounted the Stormtalon's "stand up" and it looks great. But not as great as I wanted it.

It just seemed to be a big green flyin' brick block with wings.
Even the highlights weren't enough to make me think that this flyer wasn't just another Space Marine kit.
My reaction was just... "Meh."

Then, the good idea came when I added the missiles pods.

All the weapons in my DA army are painted in red. On first, I only painted the missiles.
But when I added more red on the missiles pod, the Stormtalon just flashed in front of my eyes.
That's what we call the "Wow!" effect.


StormTalon WiP (2)

I made some progress in the Stormtalon painting, with the the first highlights application and symbols painting .

Two symbols are present: that of the Dark Angels, as well as the RavenWing, both painted in the Doom Angels' colors.

I used the following:
  - Black undercoat
  - base Orkhide Shade
  - highlights Rotting Flesh

  Unfortunately, all these colours are no longer available. Having tried the Caliban Green, it is absolutely not what can replace the good old Orkhide Shade: too much bright (and colorfull) !
By contrast, Nurgling Green seems a good solution to replace the old Rotting Flesh.


StormTalon WiP (1)

Back to our Holly Hobby. And it's difficult, if not laborious.  
  Although the second Titan Knight painting work isn't finished, I started one of the last Space Marines kits: the StormTalon.

  This kit is superb, with instructions you have to follow from A to Z. -Even if I did, I made a mistake. I mounted (and glued!) some parts the wrong way. FUUUU...-
  Council: start with an unglued mounting before all. And think the painting order before gluing anything.

  I mounted the cab and the driver separately from the main "flyer"body. This allowed me to paint cockpit in details.

All this painting work is hidden by the canopy. But it is painted.

Details visible on the side:
-addition of a RavenWing's symbol.
-magnets for weapons systems.


Knight. Plastic. Titan.

Think about a titan.
A Knight titan.
Made in plastic.

I can already hear you yelling at me that a plastic titan is always made by scratch, with a result whose quality is often inversely proportional to its creator's enthusiasm.

There it is, one true Titan Knight, plastic injected. No resin...

And this is where internet's magical. DreamForge offers to all those who are interested to invest in the project so that it can be started !
When the project's minimum start-up sum is reached, it is validated. And during all the funds harvest time, bonuses are added.
Everything is explained in this page.

I wanted to present you this little crazy project. Some will say we must wait to not have bad surprises, or keep our funds for better investment. Although they may be true, I'm all in for this "dream come true".