Ulthwe Avatar WiP (2)

  I'm still working on the Forge World Avatar.

The lava will be yellow, the armor black and the soul stones blue.



  For the second time, the WTF (WaterGun Tournament Fever) took place in France. After a first edition I lived as painting judge, I play during this second edition. This tournament however started under the sign of the badluck: wake up late, no batteries in the camera and my back hurts like hell!

  First game against a Salamender army. Ironclads fall in the adversary lines, its scouts invade me by behind, its captain comes to seek me in the 12"… Big fight with 12 terminators, including the army chiefs. Thanks to the clawed terminators, I manage to gain the victory!

  Second game, my nemesis: tyranids. Le Vénérable is a player as pleasant as the one I met previously.
  The game goes on, and I can only note that I'm dominated by my adversary on every aspect: he knows his army and the few errors which I make have heavy consequences.
  A debrief with my adversary allows me to make the assessment and to learn much from it. Thank you Sir.

Third and last game of the day: Space Wolves. As a Dark Angel player by heart, I know that this will make be a fight!
  The Crusader Land Raider makes great job 12" around him. I badly managed this game, trying to preserve my Land Raider (what I did), to defend my objective while seeking to gain the central one. After all, I should have had a better use of the Ironclad and its drop-pod.
  The game finishes on a fifth poor turn, leaving both of us unsatisfied. I lose, but I learned much. 


Fourth game, versus Maxaluk and its Salamenders. Imagine: the armies are 2nd and 3rd of painting, on a Games Workshop table with beautiful decorations. The dream.
  Our armies including the same Elite, we decide, for the fun, to make a big fight between the five terminators and librarian in terminator armor from each army. Taking our time, we grant ourselves a coffee break before coming back to this game.
  Note to all those which pressed us to play: the game was so beautiful it would have been a shame to press the rhythm and advance quicklier than as the Hooly Bolter music allows it…
  Despite the good atmosphere reigning at the table, we allow no mercy! In the fight between the assault terminators, having 2x3 attacks at Initiative 4 makes the difference. Note to self: mix your assault terminators with hammer-shielded and the claws.
  We gave the results sheets at the end of the fourth turn, after having estimated the results. Although without stake now, we came back to the game, just for pleasure! I made a full victory and had a pleasure that I hadn't for a long time. A huge thank to Maxaluk for this incredible game, revenge when you want!
  Fifth and last game, Mathieuuu and its Tyranids. The part is folded at the beginning of its third turn: I can't contain the small ones and the large ones aren't dead. I can't take it anymore, I grant the victory to my adversary and leave the battle field!
  I lended my army to Mathieuuu's comrade who will try to kill as much tytys as possible before succumbing under the number.
I finish 2nd in painting, with an enormous motivation for next year.