Army List Analys: I came to Rennes with a list I wasn’t satisfied with. All the units I needed weren’t painted, I had to do with the painted minis I had at my disposal.

Chaplain; Flying backpack, Bolt pistol.
I know, a flying chaplain isn’t the best HQ choice for a vanilla Space Marines army. I wanted to play a “cool” list and such a choice was ok with the fluff I wrote. Next time, I’ll take a Captain equipped with a Relic sword and Combi-flammer instead. 

5 Assault terminators; 3 Hammer & Shield and 2 Lightning claws pairs.
  Transport : Land Raider Crusader; Multimelta.
Assault terminators and Crusader Land Raider are one of the best freakin’ units alliance! I just need to remember that when a model’s hit by a Thunder hammer, it looses it’s initiative and must play after anybody else. 

Dreadnought; Multimelta and Storm bolter.
  Transport : Drop-pod; Storm bolter
Murphy’s law incarnated in one mini. The Multimelta would have missed a Tervigon in a corridor! Add the Drop Pod and these are two KP (Kill Points) offered to your adversary. 

Ironclad Dreadnought; Seismic fist, Heavy Flammer and Hurricane bolters, Grenades.
A rare configuration but, when the Ironclad is immobilized, it remains dangerous and still mobilizes forces to be definitely silenced. I regret I hadn’t one in the Drop Pod (instead of that $%µ! Multimelta dread) during my confrontation with the Dark Eldars. It would have been terribly effective.
However, using the Ironclad without Drop Pod is an interesting choice. And in this case, believe me, the grenades are essential!
After all these games fighting against various armies, obviousness appears: Dreadnoughts used by pair are terribly effective. I hesitate between a second Ironclad in Drop-pod and a “goalkeeper” equipped with Autocannons, Dreadnought fist and Heavy flammer. 

5 Scouts; 4 Snipers, Missile launcher, Capes. 
Capes are obligatory; I haven’t been able yet to test the heavy Bolter.
Scouts can hold surprises. Take 5 of them, embark them in a Storm land speeder making a side attack. Add a Sergeant equipped with a Power fist, you’ll see some sport on the table! 

10 SM; Flammer and Laser canon, Sergeant with Energetic sword and Bolt pistol.
  Transport : Rhino; Storm bolter.
Laser canon is a must have. Sergeant with an Energetic sword is a good alternative to the Power fist option. He offers one more attack in close combat and strikes at I4, which isn’t negligible. The rhino can be used as transport either as a gun platform. 

10 SM; Melta and Missile launcher, Powa glove and Combi-flammer Sergeant.
I prefer the Combi-flammer to the Combi-melta: more effective and less random. Another transport (Rhino or Razorback) would be welcome.

10 Assault SM; 2 Plasma guns, Sergeant with Power fist and Plasma gun.
Very expensive unit. Funny to play but not very profitable.  

Land Speeder Tornado; double Heavy Bolter.
Troops’ nemesis by essence. Fragile but useful. 

The "pizza dealer", essential against mass armies.  

Conclusion :
I finished 19th on 36 with a 15.5/20 note in painting.
Within sight of the obtained results, there remain two things to be made: to take again the painting of my Doom Angels (I only have 3000 points to –partially– repaint) and to work my army list.

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