Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought - WiP 1

Let's have a break, one more time, and have a little talk about the Venerable Dreadnought, in this 3k Apocalypse army.

The initial project was to create a greenstuff banner and to place it on the white metal handle.

Then I letted the project rest and putted myself in the terminators painting work.
While having a break with the Angel's Wrath, I resumed my work on the banner, and the base.

Time missing to work properly, I decided to use the banner provided with the Deathwing Knights.

Magnet, plastic bitz, a piece of paper clip et voila !

The greenstuff banner will be used for another dreadnought.

To be continued ...


I needed a break...

After all these month working, scrathching and pating terminators, I needed a break. I took some Dark Angels and went to our local warhammer club.

As the game progressed, I realized that I took me a great pleasure to play. Table's only a green carpet, the ruins are simple and unsophisticated. Armies' painting's classic, some weapons have no holes and other minis are not yet painted ... 

However, the spirit of the game is there. And this is a point which is often forgotten.


Design templates for your 40k army.

As a 40k player, I need templates when my vehicules are destroyed. And as a laz* creative player, I looked on the internet for solutions. Greenman Design gave me a good solution : laser cuted templates.

As a Space Marine player, I choosed a Space Marine templates kit and a Dreadnought template. Costed about 25$, transport included.

I paid to have my name added on all the templates, but it's totally worth it !

As you can see, these templates fit like a shadow under the vehicules. You have a large color panel to choose, quality is impressive and I'm really happy with these.

Cherry on the cake, you have a holidays promotion !


Angel's Wrath squad - WiP 1

More terminators for 2014...

Angel's Wrath squad, WiP
I'm working on the third terminators squad. These are equipped with 5 thunderhammers, three vanilla marines and 2 heavy plasma canons.