Armorcast Warhound #1 - 34

Close up on the right leg

Still workin on the battle damages.

I'm not really satisfied with these but it's better than what I did before.


armorcast-warhound #1 - 32

I'm now working on the warhound's arms.
Mega bolter and plasma gun.

I have some pink shadows on the plasma, because I didn't use the right brush. 😕

Anyway, it's fun tonwork'on this old lady, she's impatient to be back on the battle field


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 31

 It's been a while, but I'm back.

Painted the eyes before puting her on her legs, where she waits for her arms.

I didn't show any legs' details, so here you are :

-on the left : right leg's detail. I created a unicorn symbol in a 80's mimimalist style.

- on the right : the ace of spades before painting. Needed some preparation.