Challenge of the End of the world: back 2 work

  You believed that the Challenge was over, for lack of combatants? No way! I continue to prepare the 3000 pts necessary for January 1st and the Apocalypse game envisaged with WaterGun.
   All I have to paint to be ready is 2 terminators, a Crusader and the command squad.


Dark Angels on an Hexagon

  To create a campaign at the WaterGun association, we used the box Planetary Empires, quite practical to create a clean and readable chart.

   And here a close view of my Dark Angels base, worked from a great number of bitz, it seems to be conquered of brave fight on Eldars…

Base Dark Angels


[Transport] Land Raider Crusader WiP

I know, I'm late. But I wanted to present you a finished WiP of my Land Raider Crusader.

  I took my inspiration from [damn! lost the www adress]. It gave me the idee for Forge World the multi-melta turret. Lot of work to make it fit but it has such an awesome look...
  Can't wait to paint it!


All is in the details

  Since 198*, I wanted to create an army of Space Marines Dark Angels or one of the successors chapters. Meanwhile, I started in 1989 a comic strips collection, collection which still continues today and largely exceeds 2500 albums.

  When I started to paint figurines, it was with Warhammer Battle orks. Then Chaos Space Marines, Nécron, Tau and finally Ogres Kingdoms followed one another on my bench.

  Dark Angels hadn't the honors of the bench before 2008. Some small material difficulties delayed the creation of this army. To start with famous Games Workshop's Dark Angel Green, a horror to be worked (put three layers at least to have a good color). Moreover, I wasn't satisfied with this color: I needed a more khaki green.

  Fortunately, Games Workshop created the Fondation paintings collection. The painter's Graal: a covering paint, with particular colours, including the famous Orkhide Shade. A yellower green than the Dark Angel Green? I finally can begin my Space Marines army!

  And since 2008, my Doom Angels army grows, and grows, and grows… because it's  the only army I'm working on today. I ceased painting other armies and playing with other games than Warhammer 40,000. Add to that one hour of painting per day minimum and you'll understand that it advances quickly.

  But as my army advanced, I realized that something didn't do it. I missed with this army the small detail which makes "tilt" in the eye of someone which looks at it (and incidentally judge it). One calls that "the WOW! effect"… and my army didn't have it.

  The catch came this week, when I was painting a new scout sergeant.

On the left, the old color scheme - On the right, the new one
The differences aren't obvious, but here they are:
  • The armour highlights aren't in Knarloc Green any more but in Rotting Flesh. This change gives the same effect as on the DeathWatch Terminator armour painted in May 2010.
  • Weapons and shoulder pads receive an additional highlight in Blazing Orange, which allows me to reinforce the relief.
  • Base edges are now painted in Khemri Brown.
  • The faces are more worked. Thanks to the Tours painting class carried out under the direction of Mohand who I will never thank enough for his councils.
 All I have to do now is working on the weathring with pigments and my Dark Angels army will be fine.