Med Tour (3)

When you are at the Med Tour, you'll have to prepare your eyes. There are so many cool minis it'll blow up your mind ! Here are some pics to give you a hint.

This is Redbreast, da Ruzz Bot based on an old Armorcast model.

Awesome conversion and painting work created an incredible piece of war.

Sadly, he's owner's a Bad Moon...  
 Knight Titan vs Old World creature.

Only Tzeench could have created such a fight.
 Welcome to the Med Tour 2013 !

This year, we don't have one, but two Chaotic Reavers to spread fear and despair !
 Typical Med Tour picture : 

a heavily modified Stompa follows a Blight Wheel Miniatures Knight. 
Le Med Tour in a picture...


Med Tour (part 2)

Apocalypse, da real one !
The Med Tour is first and foremost an opportunity for a small number of players to meet around a table and play a Warhammer 40.000 Apocalypse game.

But not the good old Gran'pa Apo where you come with all kind of armies and a bunch of allies to fill the 3k army list ! 

I'm talking about an apocalypse game for real players, where armies count 3k points without allies, with more Super Heavies that you've ever seen in your all life...

I'm talking about the Forge World Apocalypse, the real one.

No less than FOUR super heavies in this picture...
Saturday game :
  The good side : Ultramarines (Bamako) - Dark Angels (Aarghal) and Eldars (Patriarche)
  The Bad side : Bad Moons (Greg) - Thousand Sons (Alaric) and GI (Duncan)

We had a lot of Super Heavies :
  - One Tzeench Silver Tower (hand made)
  - Two Ruzz Bots (old Armorcast)
  - One Baneblade (Games Workshop kit)
  - One Shadowsword (Games Workshop kit)
  - Two Titan Knights (garage OOP series)

Half the bad ones army in front of me ? CHAAAAARGE !!!
The game was epic. Full of twists, situations reversals, apocalyptic explosions and setbacks. Imagine the devastating effects of the new big apocalyptic explosion when a titan explodes !  - 

One of the game's best time : I deepstriked with no less than 30 terminators, and Belial, on turn 2.

I love playing my terminators. In a 1500 pts game, I'm playing a squand counting 10 terminators every time I can.

For this week-end, I played :
  - Belial
  - 10 T with two heavy flammers*
  - 10 T with two assault canons
  - 10 Deathwing Knights
*including 4 lightning claws pairs and 3 Thunder Hammers.


Med Tour 2013 (1)

  My apologies for last week. I didn't post anything and I'm ashamed about it. I was completly out of control with the Med Tour event.

  It started with a long two weeks painting rush.
I can't hold a pencil for a month, but it was totally worth it !

3k Dark Angels Army. Repent for your sins !

  With Belial as an HQ, all terminators are troops. Almost : Deathwing Knights aren't. 

  This allowed me to grab only one minis bag. I had a 10 hours train travel, including two train changes.

  The gaming room is ready, with four tables for a 3 vs 3 game. Almost all are made with Games Workshop -and Forge World- hard tables.

  This will be a pretty good gaming week-end !

[more next post, next week]


Dark Vengeance part. 1 : terminators - WiP 5

  There are only four days left before I have to stop painting, leave the house, take the train and have an all day long train trip.

To do :

  • Faces
  • Angels wings
  • Metallics
Then they'll be ready for the Med Tour 2013 Apocalyspe !