Chevalier Eldar #1 - WiP 05

Finally some real progress !

Metallic are done, yellow parts too and almost all gems have the blues. (pun intended)

Now the bases are done, I need to work on the edges and other stuff.

Base's still not done : I need to add some undercoat before painting.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 04

Finally, it has more than two colors.

Full black, some parts in yellow.
But all the gems will be painted in blue.

The base's painting is delayed.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 03

Back to work !

I finally started it. Not much work, but it's a start.

There won't be much Yellow on this one. I'll but blue gems and some metallic parts.

I need it to be dark and strong.


Sorry, post delayed.

Dear readers, I'm sorry to annouce that there won't be a post this week.

I didn't put enough work on my minies to have anything worth a pic.

WInter is coming, and I have work to do at home, before cold gets too... cold to let us work on the house roof.