Eldar Knight #2 - Here we go !

I'm working on the second knight.
This one will be a real chessy one...

It'll have two configurations : pair of cannons on canon and buckler.
Magnets power !


I am -almost- Charlie

It's hard for me to post after the tragic times we lived in Paris, at Charlie Hebdo.

For strangers, these four drawers may be completly unknow.
But for me, Cabu was here since my childhood.
Wolinsky appeared when I was a teen.
The two others were drawers. ANd they made me laugh.

Art Spiegelman gave a video interview on the subject.

And you'll find many american reactions in The Nib.

Finally, here's a cartoon that may be a good shortcut for this situation today :

I'll be back on the bench ASAP.
But my heart is heavy.


Good bye 2014, hello 2015 !

We're done with 2014, let's get it on with 2015 !

Let's see what happened this year.
2014 started well, with a 3k DA army project I finished in july.

Such a big project keeps you on the breach for a long time. You keep running, whatever real life throws you in your face.

Working on the same army, the same minis during such a long time learned me painting tips, patience and motivation. Even if it was very hard to paint the 36th(!) and last terminator.

I had the pleasure to play at the Med Tour 2014 edition.

Then back to reality...

After such a challenge, it was really hard to go back to the bench.
I took me a long time to me able to have a mini before my hands and start to work on it.

Too much projects, too little time and no motivation anymore.
I finally finished a commission. Well, half of it : an Eldar Knight.
Took me four month to finish it, when I finished the Red Fury in two.
Good point to take : I founded my motivation back while I worked on this Eldar knight. I have another one to paint for the same customer, and I'm ready for it. 
Let's get it on !

My projects for 2015 :
 - Finish the two Eldars knights commision
 - Having another DA unit painted
 - Finish my "Old Blood" Knight.
 - Put my pencils on the first Armorcast Warhound.

Happy New Year to all my readers, may 2015 be a good year for our Holly Hobby.