French Waaagh Day: D-5

  No more than a few days before the French Waaagh's bi-annual meeting .
As usual, painture is late. But this time, the army's ready! It's the table's decorations that aren't...
But no panic, all will be ready for the French Waaagh Day.
While I'm working on the FWD table preparations, my army's wainting…


Table time! (WiP)

  After having resold all my Warhammer Fantastic Battles armies and stocks, I had big money I could only spend for the Hobby.

  Finally! I bought and painted a Games Workshop table. Add some GF9 product (ruins and a river) and an Imperial Sector and it'll make a beautiful table. 


[Transport] Land Raider Crusader WiP (4)

  Seems I'm condemned to post the same thing all along... The Crusader Land Raider advances slowly but surely. I finished the Forge World multi-fusor, and the first turret is quite advanced.
Emperor's golden throne, what a work!


[Transport] Land Raider Crusader WiP (3)

  Riiiiiight! I'm happy to show you an -almost- completed WiP from the Land Raider Crusader. I just have some details (lights, a skull) to paint and it'll be finished.

  Don't worry, this vehicule will be as dusted and rusted than the others. Till, you can see the details.


[HQ] Captain Tavern

  Because the Land Raider painting work doesn't advance sufficiently to be presented, I'll show you an old mini: the Captain Tarvern.

  Based on the Black Reach mini, I had some difficulties with it. I had to paint it in one block, and I really don't like that. But it was a gift so I had to do my best.

  A terminator version is panted, but I consider it as a work in progress: the banner isn't made.