Armorcast Warhound #1 - 39

Banner is painted and on the Warhound.
Last step : the base.
I'm not good at it, but I'll do my best.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 38

Back to work !

I didn't post anything last week, I was with my children. As a divorced father, these times are more important than our Holly Hobby.

I created the banner as a mix from old v2 banners, with some Forge ref.

On top, you have the old Warhound symbol. Then the T for the titan legio, remixed with some pointy eighties flavor.
(yes, I'm a metal head)

I still need to paint it in red and black.

One big regret : I didn't use magnets when I created the banner support.
It's glued under the Mega Bolter, which means I can't remove it for transport. :-(