Preparing an apocalypse army (WiP)

Let's make an assessment of my Apocalypse Dark Angels army project.

I had the idea to assemble this army while I came back from the Med Tour 2013. After such a 40k Apocalyspe orgy, the motivation is high and it my head's full of army projects. Reality comes soon enough to breack your dreams... And you'll feel like  jackass one year after, because you don't have new minis to show at your buddies.

This is why after two Med Tour editions, I decided it was time for me to come back with an all new army, created for this event. The success of such a project requires a preparation without fault. Although time appears very broad, Murphy's law will be able to add you his batch of unforeseen. This is why you have to be realistic and establish a planning with your mind, and not your heart.

As you can see above, the army is almost half done. Two of  three squads are finished and the third one is quite advanced. Planning's good, but I had some bad surprises. Like November when I did not paint. At all.
Preparing all the minis took a month, Hellhammer not included. It was already prepared.
Even if some terminators were already painted, count one month by squad. I'm taking again all the minis to standardize the colors.
The Dreadnought will take one complete month. The banner is not ready yet and that will add to the painting time.
The Hellhammer will take two good months. It's a big vehicule and I want to take my time.

I everything goes, I'll be done with the armie's painting in June.


Xenos slayers squad

Finally ! I'm done with the second terminator squad, for my 3k Dark Angels army.

Xenos, come get some...
I'm proud of this squad. Clearly, they are made for the close combat. Five lightning claws terminators, two heavy flammers and three baseic termis.

The sergeant is equipped with lightning claws issued from the terminator Chaos HQ. And the ork head on its base is here to remind us how they got their name. Five terminators from this squad killed more than 40 orks during a game.


Xenos slayers squad - WiP 3

This week-end was familly only. I conld'n paint, but my moto is "Familly first, Hobby second". My son and daughter are only 10 and 10, and I know they'll go away son enough...

Xenos Slayers squad WiP
Unfortunatly, I couldn't finish the sergeant...



After a long period, I'm back to the French Waaagh Day. I came with my five years old Dark Angels army. No new unit, I have enough work with the Med Tour preparation.

We had many tables and armies, but one table caught my attention. It represents a Necrontyr invasion on an Eldar world. Impressive.

I played two games during this FWDay. Not bad, when you know this week-end isn't a tournament. It allows us to meet IRL after six month on the mailing list.

First game : Order vs Chaos
 - Order : Imperials Fists (Le VIeux), Black Templars (Wernher) et Dark Angels (Aarghal).
 - Chaos : World Eaters, Word Bearers and Khorne deamons.

3k points on each side. It's gonna hurt !

Vindicator, pre-Heresy Ironclad and Rhino. Wanna get some ?
 For the first time since I painted it, I saw my VIndicator on the table for more than one and a half turn.

We had a pre-Heresy Adpetus Mecanicus robots unit.
 Second game : back to basics !
 - Space Marines : Red Hunters (Franssou√©), Black Templars (Wernher) and Dark Angels (Aarghal).
 - Orks : Blood Axes (Larg), orks (Tarpan) and... orks (El Grot).

So many orks, so few Space Marines
 There where so many Orks minis on the table, we had a childish smile on our faces.

Looted Leman Russ, a real piece of work.
 Blood Axes looted a Leman Russ, and painted it's front face in Bad Moon colors.

BBQ anybody ?
Kommandos' weapons are painted in green camo with black stripes. Devil's in details.


FWD XXVII (teaser)

I'm back from the 27th French Waaagh Day.
It was a crazy week-end, and I will tell you more about it next week.