[HQ] Forge Master

  It took me a very long time to get the Doom Angels' Forge Master ready.
The mini preparation was long. In 2009, Finecast minis didn't exist and particular models where made in white metal, not plastic. And when you had it all shiny and ready, it was time to take the drill and prepare the four backpack arms to stay in place. Gluing ins't enough when you want to have a good and strong result.

  Then after having my Forge Master full painted, I stopped. I wasn't satisfied with the base. It was empty and too classic.

  After one complete month, I fouded the solution. I completly destroyed a square base from a Cities of Death set, cutted it in three parts. After that, I painted servo-skulls and an Empire General's chĂ©rubin.
I setted them on black painted wires to make them "fly"... et voilĂ :



Red's Corps

  Today, I'd like to intriduce the blog from somebody who completely changed my perception of mini's weathring process.

Red's Vindicator
  Maybe did you already have seen his Red Scorpions army, on Games Workshop or World Forging websites. 
  But did you know that before presenting figurines with such an impact, those weren't so amazing?
The proof in this post.

  I recommend the Red Corps blog, first blog on Red Scorpions, with photographs which abound of ideas and of provided articles.


Raven Guard - Rhino-Razorback

Raven Guard Rhino
  When a friend of mine told me he was planning to paint a rhino/razorback for his Raven Guard army, I immediatly asked him if I could paint it for free... just for the pleasure to have the Forge World parts he bought under my brush.

  I started with the rhino version, equiped with a hunter-killer missile and a dozer blade. I had to make some minor modifications to the Raven Guard rhino doors but, all in all, this kit fitted well.

  I decided to paint it in a "by the book" codex version, with white doors and the rest in Chaos Black.

Raven Guard Razorback
   After the rhino, the razorback with twin lascans. I just had to remove the rhino roof and change it with the razorback one. the missile swapped with an optic device.

  All the highlights were made in Space Wolf Grey. This gives a better result than the Skull White or Codex Grey solution.

  The weathering and the battle damage had to be lighter than on my own vehicules. (damned!) This is why instead of the drill and the file, I used blister foam to add some weathring...


Raven Guard - Rhino-Razorback WiP

  I'm having a break in the Doom Angels painting work with a Raven Guard vehicule.
This vehicule is prepared to be a rhino (command vehicule) and a razorback with lascans.

PS: I modified the post on Neron with better pictures


[Heavy Support] Whirlwind

  The first heavy support vehicule I made wasn't the predator presented here but a whirlwind. It must be because I really like to have the artillery template in hand and put it on as many minis as possible. (hur hur hur)

  I placed white wings on both sides of the missiles ramps. The sword was placed in front of the vehicule, as a Heavy Support symbol.

  A you can see on this picture, the missil ramp is (almost) fonctionnal.

  There are rust traces on the roof because mecanic servitors must reload the missiles. I made many damages because the whirlwind is supposed to move in cover and get into the ruins. (my Doom Angels army is based on a city fight)
Two details on this picture: 
  • first, I replaced the radar by a small Dark Angel icon
  • second, I added an aiming device on the roof.