[Troops] Scouts squads

   The tournament of Dinan allowed me to play a mini that we don't frequently see on the battle fields: a scout sergeant equiped with a "big" power glove. Based on a plastic scout and a Imperial Guard arm, this sergeant sometimes made wonders on the battlefield. But it's still 25pts for this unusual equipment!

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   Actually, this section is not yet well defined. It'is currently played with a half-squad including the snipers and missile thrower carrier, the other half-squad more in the seek-n-destroy action. While using it, need for a heavy bolter appeared and the power glove wasn't so essential. 

   Next scouts minis will be the heavy bolter carrier and a sergeant with energy sword. Just give me enough time to convert it…


[Fast Attack] Assault Space Marines

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   I really like to play assault space marines. They are fast, deadly and their back packs are reeeaally cool. This is why I modified these by adding a Ravenwing symbol on each side.

   I have to tell you that Doom Angels Fast Attack units don't wear the double winged red sword. They have the single winged sword from the Ravenwing, painted with the Doom Angels color scheme. This allows me to stay in the Dark Angels legacy. And as a Fast Attack unit, they wear the double crossed swords on the right shoulder pad.

    The sergent is different. I gave him a chaos space marine plasma pistol and a Space Wolf powa-glove. I erased the wolf and replaced it by a Doom Angels Fast Attack free hand. The back-pack comes from the Chaplain I presented here.

   This unit has three plasma guns... ut this raelly is to much. I play all these ten guys in "full points bling-bling" games. Either, I just take the sergent and four grunts.

   In the next month, I'll prepare a new sergent with a power sword and a bolt pistol. Less expensive and more effective!


Saumur - Mai 07 & 08

   For the second year, the Full Métal tournament took place in Tank Museum of Saumur. This tournament is in a traditional format (1500 pts, refusal of list, painting and compo notation) proceeds within a framework which is it much less.
   Nothing such as playing war with a tank of 100t out of psychological support in your back.

The list:
HQ - Archiblad (Archivist) with Machine Curse and Force dome.
Troops - 2x 10 SM (flamer, melta, laser and missile), 5 scouts (powa glove, snipers, missile).
Elite - 5 stern guards(glove, combi-plasma), Gaïus (Ironclad Dread)
Fast attack- 5 SM (glove, plasma pistol), Land Speeder with double heavy-bolter
Heavy Support - Whirlwind, Predator Destructor.

I getted a 5 on 6 for composition. This list isn't effective, but that I start to control it.

First part: Tornado and it's Catachan GI 

Guys? We have intruders...
   Fog of war and table quarter. Following a mistake in interpretation of the famous fog of war, we placed the whole of the units which we cannot align with the first turn… in reserve!

   Very pleasant game. We did not cease making the jackass, more occupied commenting on the actions of the units than to play.

   Tornado is a specialist in the reserve (Psycho=+1 on the reserve arrival), not me. My units arriving at the account-drop, I took death...

Second part: Merry and its Tyranids 

   We play a scenario with moving objectives. Following a mistake in interpretation, Merry advances its troops towards me while the objective leaves on the right. Damned! He will pass the remainder of the game  to be run after… without never catching up with it.

   Big fun when five raveners charged five scouts (sergeant equiped with a powa-glove). One fight later, the last ravener flees!

   Victoy of the Doom Angels.

Third part: Tunio and its Necrons 

   Locations conquest scénario, with KP in secondary objective. Knowing that he plays 4x10 warriors, it's gonna be difficult.

   Not having the initiative, I'm facing a big rampage during three first turns. Boltgun shells are made of rubber, grenades are plaster ones and the artillery unearths the moles! Even Gaïus (Dreadnought Ironclad) fightiing the Monolyte doesn'tdo anything... Only Archibald (Archivist) immobilizes the Necron pyramid.

   Fourth turn. Gaïus has just killed the Necron Lord in close combat. He didn't be back... No more resurrection sphere! I start to counter-attack.

Fifth turn: Gaïus, very happy, finally explodes this $+1% of monolith! I throw my last forces in the battle to tear off the null. Bonus: I have the secondary objective!

   Undoubtedly the most difficult part more that I ever played to date. Tunio knows its army on the end of the fingers and pushed me in my last cuttings off.


Fourth part: ??? and its Black Templars 

   Marine vs Marine. The game's gonna be bloody!

    We play a variation of the Touch Down scenario. Ten objectives on the table, any unit on foot can take it while passing above. The unit has to be destroyed if you want to get the objective.

   Attacks and counter-attacks follow one another, neither do we want to lose. It ends up with the Black Templars having an objective moreover than me.

   A good game, with a good guy.

Fifth part: *** and his/her Sisters of Battle 

   Deployment zones in diagonal and conquest of 6th of table. He plays five troops of 10 sistas (melta and flamer) in rhino accompanied by two rocket launchers. Aoutch…

   I take death during all the game, a special point of the scenario depriving to me of my archivist and a half section.

   It should be noted that, strongly scalded by its preceding experiments in tournament, my adversary does not cease checking the positioning of the gauges, the distances and displacements. I know, it is human. But frankly, that's boring.

   Ze positive point of the game: for its last participation in tournament, Gaïus makes the vacuum around him, conqueror of “its” 6th of table. I lose, on an error of redeployment which costs me the null. 

   A very sympathetic tournament, with an exceptional framework and a strong presence of associations the gurineux one: WaterGun (10 members), Cromlek'h (6 members) and the Angers Team(4 members). I finished 4th in painting, 27e on 40 with general classification and set out again with one limps of Playmobils. It should be noted that WaterGun finishes 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in painting.
   Change of format announced for the next year, therefore wait' N see.

PS: I don't have pictures for the End Of The World Challenge. Real Life problems...


[Transport] Rhino

   The first vehicule I painted for my Doom Angels was a Rhino.

    Rhinos have a large and flat top. Which is perfect when you want to paint a symbol or an icon.

   First step to paint a freehand is to prepare your drawing with some Space Wolf Grey paint.
   I don't use this color and it's perfect when you want to put some Fondation color on it: it doesn't appear anymore.
   Paint your icon/symbol/whatever you want.

   Then, you can start the big painting work, and finish the completions on your free hand.

    I chosed to add painting an real damages to the rhino. I can't stand the "out-of-factory" painting work. I need my vehicules to suffer on the battlefield!

    As you can see on the front, I pacaed a Dark Angel symbol on the left. It will be replaced by an icon from the Drop Pod set on next vehicules (I hadn't one already).

   The left door is a Forge World one, the pther parts of the set will be used on a Razorback.