Armorcast Warhound #1 - 08

Still working on the warhound, one problem at a time.

Because everything was back to parts, I decided to use some liquid greenstuff to fill all those tiny holes in the old lady. 
And, Emperor's Holy Throne, there are many !

The two white plasticards on both sides are where I'll modify the warhound and add some more cables.

Two will be "little ones" : command and power for the arm.
Another one, bigger, will be added to the plasma gun.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 07

I'm late for this week's post.
Due to the bad events last friday the 13, I passed most of my time with familly and friends, laughing, eating and drinking.
In two words : feeling alive.

As you can see, the old lady isn't standing on its legs anymore.
After some reflections, I decided to add power and command cables to the arms.

Which means I need to add some plasticard details on the rear and the arms.

One step forward, two steps backward !

And my workplace is a mess. Again.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 06

The base is epmpty, but it won't last.

Armorcast titans are oldies.

And it means you have to adapt and be creative when you need your "mini" to be transportable.

I had to put some greenstuff in the legs holes to be able to put the 5mm magnets in the right place.

I'm proud to announce she's able to stand up !

As you can see on your left, the warhound's head isn't pointing at the horizon.
As a titan, this walker's equipped with two guns. If the head was at the same level than its arms, the crew won't be able to see on the right, nor the left.


Now I'm, almost, done with the legs, let's work on the arms.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 05

Still working on the warhound.

Now I'm digging holes, no more sand paper. Which means, no more dust.

Let's have a close up on the holes.

There are two, and you can see they aren't centered.

The upper one's here for a swing bar.
The second one will be bigger and a 4mm magnet will fit in it.

I need to have a Warhound I can put into pieces and transport, and a Warhound I can use on a battlefield for a day or two and not seeing it broken appart.