Hellhammer - WiP 08

No post last week, I was too busy too work on the Red Fury.

As you can see, she's almost ready to go.
Just need to work some details on the guns and the ladder.


Hellhammer - WiP 07

First pic in complete Med Tour configuration.

Hellhammer WiP #7
The beast's ready for another aging step : micro-weathering made by brush, to add to all the ones I already created with blister foam.

For those who asked me : "Why spending so much time on a mini ?" I'll answer with this picture.

On the left, I created impacts with blister foam only.
On the right, I added details with a brush.

And I'm not finished yet...


Hellhammer - WiP 06

I'm still working on the Hellhammer's battle damages.

Both side turrets are done, as are all the protection plates.

As I was asked for, here's a close up on the micro-shipping :

I begin with Dryad Bark. This will be the base damage , you can leave big spots. It is the oldest rust.
Then a lighter brown pass in Doombull Brown to represent fresher old rust.
Some places are passed in Jokaero Orange to represent the micro impacts on paint. Every little impact leaves bright red traces , shown here in orange, without leaving bare metal.
Finally, the work is completed with the edges passed in Leadbelcher.

This is only the first part. It should also paint rust drips and add shadowing juice. Not to mention the weapons' aging.