Eldar Knight #1 - Done

Warhammer 40k 40.000
Ulthwé Eldar Knight
I'm done with my first Eldar Knight.

I painted it with the same color scheme I used on the Ulthwé's Titan Revenant I painted in 2006.

The base's the same : urban war.

I partially varnished the head, to add some constrast.

Side view.

I had to use two left arms to be able to give the knight this position.

All the gems are painted, even the tiny ones.

I didn't paint many yellow parts, to keep a dark aspect.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 09

Done !

I finally finished this first Eldar Knight.

To do next : add two magnets in the rear and take nice pictures.

Then... start the other one.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 08

Some progress !

All gems are done and finished, they need to be varnished.

Next step ? Arms, guns, and so on...


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 07

Back to work, with the gems.

I was sick enough last week I had to stay in bed almost all the time.

I'm finally wirking ont the gems, hope to finish all these before the end of the week.