Errant Titan Knight - WiP 4

Bases are applied, highlights too.

  I added some details like the angels on the top and a force field generator.

Base is painted, yet unfinished.

All the shadows are painted, I just need some more time to "age" it. But I think I won't have it done before august.


Errant Titan Knight - WiP 3

  Color scheme appears.
It's the same than the one I applied on the first Knight.

  It's pretty long to apply because you need to spread the white base, then mask all the parts you want to keep white and it's time for the black base.

  And don't forget to paint all the white parts in black before you apply some metal paint. Or you'll see a beautiful difference between the white based metal and the  
black based metal.

  The yellow stripes are here to add some color in this B&W color scheme, and it reminds you where the danger is...