Oldies !

  No real progress on the Nephilim, then I prefer to talk about Space Hulk!

  I had the pleasure to initiate at this great classic to two members of the club Saturday, and it is only happiness.

  The figs are not painted, but Space Hulk's magic still operates !


Dark Angel Nephilim

  A quick WiP  to show the new current mini. And I am working on a Land Raider Redeemer too.

  The cockpit is already painted and enclosed, with an ivory underlay. The rest will be based with black Undercoat to be painted in the colours of the Doom Angels, as the Stormtalon painted before.

(sorry for being late, PC problems...)


Dystopian Wars - Just a try

  This Saturday, I didn't play 40k. A friend of mine proposed me to try a game I often heard about: Dystopian Wars.

Dystopian Wars invites us to play with land, naval and air units. For "small" battles, it's highly recommend to play only two types of units on the three. To change from 40k, I'm playing aero-naval battles.

40€ the starter. All is said.

How much it cost?
  Instead of Warhammer 40,000, Dystopian wars does not require a big investment. At the current price, you can have a good size army for the price of 5 terminators! It won't breack your heart to test the game.

The minis
  Having played with the French army, I was amazed by the minis, full resin made. The ships are well detailed, even the small escort vessels. Only large units have weapons options, most of the time represented by turrets to swap. Nothing hard to do, turrets are metal made and their location is planned for a quick exchange between two games.

The game
  Dystopian Wars is a simple game to apprehend. Units characteristics are presented on cards, which are clear and readable. Weapons see their power reduced as the shooting distance increases, and shooting angles change depending on the weapon.

  It is simple and well done, to the point that we quickly begin to move ships and planes to benefit at best from weapons. Because unlike 40k, every player moves a unit in alternation. What entails combinations of prepared operations and bluff, with dramatic turns of events.
In conclusion
   I only played with basic rules but I can say that this game is a must absolutely be tried. It is a good alternative to Warhammer 40k, for a reduced investment.


Dystopian Wars - teaser

  A friend of mine introduced me to Dystopian Wars this weekend,  and it's a good game. But this weekend is the birthday(anniversary) of my son, and I prefer to spend time with him that with the PC.
See you next week for a complete report on this game which changes of 40k.