Atomic Robo

What if Nicolas Tesla created A robot ?

What if this robot had a nonsense humour ?

What if he had evil nazis robotised ennemies ?

You get the idea that helped when Atomic Robo was created.

Read it, it's one of the best webcomic I founded this year.


Eldar Knight #2 - Gimme varnish

On the right corner, all the gems that need to be done.
I can finally see the end of it.

Bad news are bad : torso and legs had a break up
And I'll have some more work to repair this and find a solution.


Eldar Knight #2 - Gimme moar gems !

Still working on the second knight.
Torso and legs gems are done.

Same for the left arm. I'm working on the right one to keep the symetry.


What If... xkcd edited a book ?

xkcd's a webcomic created by an ex NASA scientist.

Hilarious, sometimes seriously perverted by a mind trick, it's always a pleasure to read its strips.

For those who don't get it all, there's a wiki called explainxkcd.com.

Then, a new section was created : what if...
Purpose was to seriously answer to dumb questions.
Like : What would happen if the moon were replaced by a black hole ?

And what must happen happened : a wild book appears.
it contains 51% unpublished topics, and is a must have for any xkcd lover.


I haz colorz !

I'm finally backon the bench. Founded enough time to paint some gems in blue and add a yellow touch.