Armorcast Warhound #1 - 09

More details.
 Right side : added some cooling elements.
Left side : the other cooling elements.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 08

Still working on the warhound, one problem at a time.

Because everything was back to parts, I decided to use some liquid greenstuff to fill all those tiny holes in the old lady. 
And, Emperor's Holy Throne, there are many !

The two white plasticards on both sides are where I'll modify the warhound and add some more cables.

Two will be "little ones" : command and power for the arm.
Another one, bigger, will be added to the plasma gun.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 07

I'm late for this week's post.
Due to the bad events last friday the 13, I passed most of my time with familly and friends, laughing, eating and drinking.
In two words : feeling alive.

As you can see, the old lady isn't standing on its legs anymore.
After some reflections, I decided to add power and command cables to the arms.

Which means I need to add some plasticard details on the rear and the arms.

One step forward, two steps backward !

And my workplace is a mess. Again.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 06

The base is epmpty, but it won't last.

Armorcast titans are oldies.

And it means you have to adapt and be creative when you need your "mini" to be transportable.

I had to put some greenstuff in the legs holes to be able to put the 5mm magnets in the right place.

I'm proud to announce she's able to stand up !

As you can see on your left, the warhound's head isn't pointing at the horizon.
As a titan, this walker's equipped with two guns. If the head was at the same level than its arms, the crew won't be able to see on the right, nor the left.


Now I'm, almost, done with the legs, let's work on the arms.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 05

Still working on the warhound.

Now I'm digging holes, no more sand paper. Which means, no more dust.

Let's have a close up on the holes.

There are two, and you can see they aren't centered.

The upper one's here for a swing bar.
The second one will be bigger and a 4mm magnet will fit in it.

I need to have a Warhound I can put into pieces and transport, and a Warhound I can use on a battlefield for a day or two and not seeing it broken appart.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 04

Still working on the warhound with sand paper, supressing mold lines one by one.

I had to create some more tools to work on the spikes.
So Eighties baby !

The toothbrush's a very good tool. You can use it to curve the sand paper or simply clean the dust.

I'm now working with the 800 sand paper and it's good news. I'll soon see the end of this and prepare the base.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 03

Posts aren't posted as usual.
The best I can do is to blog every two weeks.

A few weeks ago, I had to move away from my children and their mother.

This is why I don't own a PC anymore.
And it's a bit difficult to keep the same pace.

I'll be back on tracks asap but for now, it's the best I can do.

Back to work.
First of all : I have to suppress all the mold lines.

Modeling knife isn't the best solution when you have to work on such an old lady.
You have to work her body parts with sand paper.
I'm using 240, 500 and 800.

The 240 is a strong one, which I rarely use.
The 500 is my best tool. It's fine enough to be the main tool.
The 800 is the final paper, the one I use to have a smooth surface.

I created some tools to work with the sand paper and keep the surfaces as "in their original shape" as possible.

I'm using small width wood parts, cutted in different shapes.
The paper's glued on the wood with some double faced tape.
Et voilĂ , you have a cheap -but efficient- set of tools.

Note : you must wear a mask while working with sandpaper.



Our Holly Hobby needs time.
Having a new mini in hand is just the beginning of a long journey.

You'll have to prepare, assemble, paint and -finally- enjoy your new mini.

Time you'll pass during these different steps isn't the same for everybody.
You'll go on with motivation, capacities interest and, the most powerful one, emulation.

Emulation can come from yourself, from your friends, or simply the fact that you want to be better.

Be better, but why ?
For the pleasure to have a mini, a titan, an army on display and be proud of it.
To give a smile to your game partner, who'll be proud to have such an army in front of his.
For the pleasure you'll have to be better and better with every mini you put on the bench.

One of the last post from ZenComics illustrates what I'm talking about :

Emulation helped me to go back to our Holly Hobby.
It helped me to be back on the bench and start a new project.

I'd like to thank all the people I met during the ten years I practiced our Hobby.
Without you, I won't be were I'm today.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 02

Good times are good ! I'm back ont tracks with an all new project.

I'm working on this old lady to celebrate my be-back.


Webcomics on a smartphone - 2

For those who know the french comic Heavy Metal, this picture may seem familiar.

But it's not what you think. This ain't a new Moebius unknown comic. This is Dismas, a webcomic created by a korean artist, inspired by Moebius first graphic novels.  

So, if you want to try something different, read this comic. It's... different.


Webcomics on a smartphone

Hello there.

For more than a quarter century, I've been reading and collecting comics and graphic novels. All my bookcases collapse under the number of books, but I'm still buying and craving for more.

Even if I'm french, I'm an english reader. And almost all webcomics are in english. So when the high speed internet came home, it gave me an "all you can read" #nerdgasm. (yay !)

But there still was a problem : all these comics where drawned to be read on a large screen. Like a paper or PC screen. And on a tablet when they appeared. Even with the best smartphone, it isn't easy to read such a format on the screen.

Then... I discovered WebToon.
And their Android and Apple apps.

When you've created an account via Facebook, you'll keep a list with all your favorites and some other functions like notifications on your phone when new chapters are published in the comics you added in your favorites.

To be honest, I'm addict. I'm having strips orgies, like when somebody watches an entire season during a night. You can read all the panel without scrolling. The app allows you to gently touch your screen up and down to go for it. It's really cool and helps to feel good while reading.

The comic I'm reading right now is DICE.

Just try it, it's worth it.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 01

I'm Back on tracks, and it's hard to gain some speed. 

I'm out of Mojo.

I needed a big project to work on. If you need to aim, aim high.

I choosed an Armorcast Warhound.

It's a clunky, old school and smaller than the Forge World version, but it's cool.

And you can paint it with an eighties flavor other Super Heavies can't get.

So, here I am, puting some ideas on paper. Trying to figure how to reproduce the flashy colors of the 80's space ships when YouTube played this scene...

I just got the idea : I'll paint the warhound in an all Monty Python's Holy Grail theme.


Med Tour 2015

New year, new Med Tour and... new minis wallet !

And, as every year, there's no free space in it for some spare minis.
The 2015 army is special : I have only one vehicule. And it's a Super Heavy one.
All my other minis are... walking. And no, there's no dreadnought.

I'm coming with 10 scouts and no less than 42 terminators.

After the friday welcome back cele- bration, and a very short night, back to war !

Apocalypse tables are huge. I mean, this one is a 168 by 72 feet table !

And everything was painted. #joy

All we had to do was preparing our armies, grab dices and templates and let's roll !
Here's a little story about the templates.

First, they where white.

Then, they became flashy green with the all new shiny Apocalypse game.

And... BAM ! here comes Apocalypse Mk VI flavor.
And you have to change all your templates for a loosy blue color.
These templates were a pain in the *ss... They were floppy, you had to mount and dismount them and they were... crap.

Then comes the 40kv7.
And you can throw away your crappy blue templates and cry after your good old green templates you throw away...

Or buy the all new white templates.

Wait ! Did I say white ? Oh, Games Workshop, you go back to basics.

What about the game ?

It was a 9k points game, with a Mecanicum / Deathwing / Space Wolves vs Astra Militarium (2 times) / Word Bearers.

There where seven knights, a Hellhammer, a Shaqowsword and an Armorcast Warhound.. Which means a lot of Super Heavies and small place for the other people.

I was a ggod game, which we won. The v7 Deathwing's different. I have to adjust my way to play it but the good point is the "run and fire" when you deep strike.
So sweet.

[next post : the second day]


Med Tour day minus 5

Preparing the Med Tour : must check everything twice, and finish the minis....


Back on tracks, one step at a time...

Hi all.

This post is about why I quit the rat race with 40k and the Dark Angels.
I'm done with it.

I'm back on tracks, after a long time out. I needed time to fix some parts of my real life. I didn't fix everything. But for now, let's say it will be ok.

I've been playing WFB and 40k for about ten years. I had up and downs, but never ever stopped playing.
And since long ago, I want to play Deatwing terminators. The ones who where fighting Genestealers in the first Space hulk version Deathwing extension.

I'm playing Dark Angels since 2008.
Well... Dark Angels or Vanilla Marines, because they have shiny stuff.
2013 : I stopped playing Vanilla Marines, Dark Angels only.
2015 : new DA codex, I have to play it 40k7 style.

When the all shiny Vanilla Marines codex appeared in 2013, I wrote down my point of view on the game.  The new Dark Angels codex made me have  another pause. I had to consider how and why I'm playing DA, and what I want to do now rules have changed for the green angels.

So, what's new in the 7th version ?
  • Belial doesn't allow you to play Deathwing terminators as troops. Which means that you can't play a 100% Deathwing  army anymore.
  • Graviguns for everyone ! Yay or nay ? Nay ! I can't afford new boxes.
  • Ravenwing gets moar powerrr !
This... sucks far Deathwing players.

After days, I decided to keep it down with the rat race.
I already have a 3k Deathwing army ready to play and I definitely not ready to paint more tactical marines.
And... I think I'm done with the Dark Angels. I painted green marines for 7 years, created a 3k Apocalypse army from scratch in less than ten month and now, I need some new stuff to work on.

I have knights and titans to work on, and an all new 30k apocalypse army to start.
Let's get it on !



Sorry guys, no post since last one.

I'm preparing my self to face one of the biggest stormsh*t I ever faced.

Had to pause my Hobby for a long time.

Stay tunes, I'll try to come back asap.


Imperial Knight Warden

I just finished selling some oldies when suddenly... an all new Imperial Knight Warden appears !
Aarghal uses Credit Card !
It's very effective...

Couldn't resist to opening the box.

On the left : the three "original" Knight kit sprues.
On top, the fourth and new sprue.
And center, a full colored notice.

The difference between the old Imperial Knight and the Imperail Knight Warden is the same between a Rhino and a Razorback.
The new sprue offers you new arms options, and TWO turrets.


It's a must have, and if you can, mix an old and a new kits boxes, you won't regret it.


Eldar Knight #2 - Magnets powa !

What's really good with big minis, or long time projects, is that you can be sure that, no matter what, Murphy's law won't forget you.

On this commission for two Eldar Knights, sh*t happened when I was on the finish line with the second knight.

Torso and legs just broke up.

After reflexion, I founded a solution : magnets !

I decided to place two magnets to establish a strong link between legs and torso.

The second pair is here to give some movement to the torso.

As you can see ton the picture, you need to use 3mm diam. magnets.

Because the uper body just can't turn, you can swap the arms without any problems : you won't have to check the torso's position anymore.

With four magnets, you have a strong bond between uper and lower body.

This means you can move your knight on the battlefield by the legs... or the torso.


Personnal note : I'm sorry for the delays. I'm in a storm that takes me too much time and makes me losing my Mojo from time to time...


Kouz's blog

I had a car crash and couldn't paint.
(yes, one more time)

But I can give you some Hobby pics.

Take a look at this SMC dreadnought. I took the picture on the following blog: Les Kouz.

Don't panic if you can't understand french, Google offers you a magical button.
Just press it and magic! it's translated.

Enjoy !


Friday 4 Coma

Hello you all readers.

No progress, I still have medical issues with my arm.

While surfing on the net, I founded some webcomics to make you wait. First one : Friday 4 Coma.

Even if it's a japanese webcomic, don't panic ! There's no text at all in the panels. They'll give you a good laugh, I promise.

Take a look at the omaketheater.

And if you like manga, anime, japanese culture and video games, here's a second one.

This one can be more borderline than Omake Theater.

Take a look at Dueling Analogs and enjoy.



I'm sorry readers.

No post this week, I can't use my right arm correctly.

It hurts.


Atomic Robo

What if Nicolas Tesla created A robot ?

What if this robot had a nonsense humour ?

What if he had evil nazis robotised ennemies ?

You get the idea that helped when Atomic Robo was created.

Read it, it's one of the best webcomic I founded this year.


Eldar Knight #2 - Gimme varnish

On the right corner, all the gems that need to be done.
I can finally see the end of it.

Bad news are bad : torso and legs had a break up
And I'll have some more work to repair this and find a solution.


Eldar Knight #2 - Gimme moar gems !

Still working on the second knight.
Torso and legs gems are done.

Same for the left arm. I'm working on the right one to keep the symetry.


What If... xkcd edited a book ?

xkcd's a webcomic created by an ex NASA scientist.

Hilarious, sometimes seriously perverted by a mind trick, it's always a pleasure to read its strips.

For those who don't get it all, there's a wiki called explainxkcd.com.

Then, a new section was created : what if...
Purpose was to seriously answer to dumb questions.
Like : What would happen if the moon were replaced by a black hole ?

And what must happen happened : a wild book appears.
it contains 51% unpublished topics, and is a must have for any xkcd lover.


I haz colorz !

I'm finally backon the bench. Founded enough time to paint some gems in blue and add a yellow touch.


Raise your arms !

 After two weeks without time for our Holly Hobby, I'm back for an update.

I made the highlights on both pair of arms, with a blue mark on all the gems. It'll help when I'll paint them all.

Second option : big cannon and shield.

The painting wheme will be a little different on this one, in case the two knights are on the battle field at the same time.


Eldar Knight #2 - Who shot first ?

 I present you my second eldar knight.

Customer asked to have two guns options.

First one : two shuriken canons
Second one, thanks too magnets, can be easaly swaped.

This one is cheesy, with a big cannon and a buckler.

Both configurations have magnetised shoulder guns.


Eldar Knight #2 - Here we go !

I'm working on the second knight.
This one will be a real chessy one...

It'll have two configurations : pair of cannons on canon and buckler.
Magnets power !


I am -almost- Charlie

It's hard for me to post after the tragic times we lived in Paris, at Charlie Hebdo.

For strangers, these four drawers may be completly unknow.
But for me, Cabu was here since my childhood.
Wolinsky appeared when I was a teen.
The two others were drawers. ANd they made me laugh.

Art Spiegelman gave a video interview on the subject.

And you'll find many american reactions in The Nib.

Finally, here's a cartoon that may be a good shortcut for this situation today :

I'll be back on the bench ASAP.
But my heart is heavy.


Good bye 2014, hello 2015 !

We're done with 2014, let's get it on with 2015 !

Let's see what happened this year.
2014 started well, with a 3k DA army project I finished in july.

Such a big project keeps you on the breach for a long time. You keep running, whatever real life throws you in your face.

Working on the same army, the same minis during such a long time learned me painting tips, patience and motivation. Even if it was very hard to paint the 36th(!) and last terminator.

I had the pleasure to play at the Med Tour 2014 edition.

Then back to reality...

After such a challenge, it was really hard to go back to the bench.
I took me a long time to me able to have a mini before my hands and start to work on it.

Too much projects, too little time and no motivation anymore.
I finally finished a commission. Well, half of it : an Eldar Knight.
Took me four month to finish it, when I finished the Red Fury in two.
Good point to take : I founded my motivation back while I worked on this Eldar knight. I have another one to paint for the same customer, and I'm ready for it. 
Let's get it on !

My projects for 2015 :
 - Finish the two Eldars knights commision
 - Having another DA unit painted
 - Finish my "Old Blood" Knight.
 - Put my pencils on the first Armorcast Warhound.

Happy New Year to all my readers, may 2015 be a good year for our Holly Hobby.