Dark Angels Whirlwind - Repaint

I'm still re-painting my Dark Angels army, alternating Marines and vehicles.

  For this one, I modified the way I painted the impacts on the body. Instead of simply painting rusty metal, I added a border of the same color as the body highlights. This border strengthens the zones of rust impact.

  Lenses have been redone, as well as all the red zones. Finally, I added numerous micro-impacts, using a blister foam. And if we look at the old painted version, progress is obvious.


Errant Titan Knight - WiP 5

  I left to Med Tour 2012 with two Titans knights. One was painted since a long time, the other one's painture was still wet when I packed it !

  And I didn't have enough time to show you a correct photo of the last painting works made before this panic departure.

  The last picture showed a shield generator ( the central loincloth) as pure as driven snow and an ageing work postponed for a better time.

  The shield generator was painted. The rest is still to be done. The power fist received some impacts made with Boltgun M├ętal but the motivation passed on.

  I resume my Doom Angels painting work to have a more beautiful army to present to my opponents. And I will eventually end the knight.One day.


Wobbly Model Syndrome

In the terrible darkness of Warhammer 40.000, there is only a war... Fortunately, some Webcomics tries to resist against the invader. Let us quote the deceased TSOALR ( Turn Signal On A Land Raider) and always active Wobbly Model Syndrome.

The drawing's not academic, but humor is good and always effective. Read it asap, for a sunbeam in the daily greyness.


United colors of Dark Angels (2)

  I dashed into a mad work: I'm going to repaint all the Dark Angels minis I painted since the beginning.

  And as you can see, there is a lot to do!

  However, I think it's totally worth it.

  If we compare both Marines on the right, the new green highlights are effective, even if still tabletop.

  Let me add a better work on the reds and you have Dark Angels which are a little less " dark ".


Dark Angels Rhino - Repaint

  I began painting Doom Angels in August, 2008, and then rarely left since. And in four years of regular work, my painture level improved little by little. To the point that the difference of paint between the first ones and the last painted vehicles is really visible. And I don't speak about the Space Marines...

  I had two solutions: leave the army as is, or throw me in the rafraichissement of all the Dark Angels figurines already painted. Although having two big projects to be launched, I dashed into an all the army re-painting .

And the first "victim" of this update is the old Rhino.

Repaint ? Check !

For those who not one not seen in its version of origin, follow this link.

The modifications are minor but have a real visual impact:
- Addition of a black sign to the left with the Dark Angels "1"
- Highlights remade in very clear green to catch the volumes
- Reds are redone, as well as lenses
- Addition of exhaust gas traces
- reinforcement of the oxidation and the weathring.

The whole work takes a few hours and restores all its charm to the rhino.