Eldar Knight #1 - Done

Warhammer 40k 40.000
Ulthwé Eldar Knight
I'm done with my first Eldar Knight.

I painted it with the same color scheme I used on the Ulthwé's Titan Revenant I painted in 2006.

The base's the same : urban war.

I partially varnished the head, to add some constrast.

Side view.

I had to use two left arms to be able to give the knight this position.

All the gems are painted, even the tiny ones.

I didn't paint many yellow parts, to keep a dark aspect.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 09

Done !

I finally finished this first Eldar Knight.

To do next : add two magnets in the rear and take nice pictures.

Then... start the other one.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 08

Some progress !

All gems are done and finished, they need to be varnished.

Next step ? Arms, guns, and so on...


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 07

Back to work, with the gems.

I was sick enough last week I had to stay in bed almost all the time.

I'm finally wirking ont the gems, hope to finish all these before the end of the week.


Epic Rap Battles of History

I discovered Epic Rap Battle of History via Facebook.

I was... epic.

The video I'm always playing xhen I need to present ERB to anyone who doesn't know what it is is "Adam vs Eve".

Two guys rap vs each other, playing an historical personn, like Adam, Batman or... Hitler.

These guys are really talented. Their role play is perfect, and you can't resist to play it again and again to read all the lyrics.

They just delivered the second video, of their fourth season...

Another video ? Guess who's playing Moses...

I let you play all these songs, some are better than others.
Believe me, you won't be disappointed.

Here's their YouTube Channel, check it out !


Chevalier Eldar #1 - WiP 06

At last, some progress !

I finished the base, made in the same urban fight zone than for the Revenant I painted for the same customer.

It's painted in a blue-gray base, with brown drybrushed zones and building parts.

I have to finish the highlights, put some blue base on all the gems... and then I'll paint all  the gems.


Peter de Sève

I can't draw a hand correctly (NSFW) and I struggle to paint correct rust effects. But even if I can't produce anything good with a pencil, I'm still mad about graphism. 

And on the top of it, there are cartoons.

I really enjoy cartoons. Since I'm in age to watch them, I never ever stopped.

Then came Ice Age and it's main character : Scrat.

This pretty stupid animal was created by one of the best cartoons drawer I ever knew : Peter de Sève.

He gave the New Yorker some of its best covers, and always gives me a smile when I look at the illustrations.

Fortunately, you can find (almost all) its great work in one book.

And if you want to have news, you can follow Peter's Blog.
You can even buy some illustrations (!)...


Chevalier Eldar #1 - WiP 05

Finally some real progress !

Metallic are done, yellow parts too and almost all gems have the blues. (pun intended)

Now the bases are done, I need to work on the edges and other stuff.

Base's still not done : I need to add some undercoat before painting.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 04

Finally, it has more than two colors.

Full black, some parts in yellow.
But all the gems will be painted in blue.

The base's painting is delayed.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 03

Back to work !

I finally started it. Not much work, but it's a start.

There won't be much Yellow on this one. I'll but blue gems and some metallic parts.

I need it to be dark and strong.


Sorry, post delayed.

Dear readers, I'm sorry to annouce that there won't be a post this week.

I didn't put enough work on my minies to have anything worth a pic.

WInter is coming, and I have work to do at home, before cold gets too... cold to let us work on the house roof.


Eldar Knight #1 & 2 - WiP

Working on two Eldars knights at a time.

I painted everything in black undercoat.

I'll have to paint some parts in yellow, and I'll use some bone undercoat for it.

For now, I don't know which parts will be painted in yellow.


Eldar Knight #2 - WiP 01

Here we go with the second Eldar Knight.

I started by cutting some plastic sprues and glue them on the base.

I created some relief I covered with some glued newspaper.

Then I added glue, sand and gravels on the paper.

It created an apocalypse landscape, with holes and bumps.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 02

Let's get it started with the first Eldar Knight

The base is covered with sand and some resin wasted parts. It'll be the same wasteland than the one I created for the Revenant.


Here we go !

After years working on my Doom Angels, successors of  the Dark Angels chapter, it's time for me to stop and work on something else. For a time.

Six years painting Space Marines, totally worth it.

After more than 10 years in the Hobby, I stored many Titans, scenery kits and some rarities. It's time for me, now I have an Apocalypse sized army, to paint something else. 

When you are painting for an army, you must paint your minis squad by squad. Which means you are painting 5,10, even 42 times the same model. And, finally, I'm bored.

This is why I want to pick up some models in stock, having fun in painting Knights, Titans, Scenery and commissioned minis.

On the bench right now : one of the two Eldar knights I'm commissionned to paint.

After these, I don't know what I'll put my hands on. Maybe an imperial Knight.

Or some scenery, I need sceneries for my table.

And when I'll be ready for it, I'll finish the Knight on the left, and paint this old but still good Armorcast Warhound.

The warhound is based on a flat base produced by Dragon Forge.


SIn City - Franck Miller

I must admit I'm a huge fan of Franck Miller's work. I discovered it with The Dark Knight's Return. Then, many years after, Sin City arrived in France. I was amazed by it's work on contrasts. 

For a long time, I only read the french version. I'm living in France, and it's a bit difficult, and expensive, to get the original versions. Translation has many defaults : letters' work disappears, noises are transformed, all the bad language is transformed, etc.

Then I had the opportunity to buy the hard cover All-in-one Franck Miller's BIG DAMN Sin City edition. It's 20% wider than the comics size. And to say it in a word : WOW...

Do you remember the knot you felt in your guts when you heard 300 will be a film ? Opening this huge version was a sucker punch in the face. Having 20% more details to read is just amazing.

And if you can, buy the Artbook, it's worth it.


I haz not ready

Unfortunately, I'm not able to post this week.

I'm not ready, still working on the house, having good time with my familly and so on...

I'll be back with a new planning and some big projects next week.


Med Tour 2014

Every Med Tour starts with a fully loaded minis case. And what better case than the Apocalypse limited edition ?

I had a shock when I arrived at Perpignan. I had a 17°C when I leaved Savenay, and a 37°C, 10 hours later at Perpignan.

First players arrived friday, we took time to eat and discuss before playin'

First Day...

Med Tour is a two day meeting where we come to play at Warhammer 40,000 the Apocalypse way. And when you say Apocalyspe, you mean... Lords Of War !

Haridan's in town, and it's hungry !
Nothing can replace a Harridan's "Good morning !" smile when you arrive on your first day table. This very well painted organic flyer comes from an army named "My little Forest Animals". So cute...

The All new painted mini malediction strikes again ! Every unit of my 3k DA army, fresly painted, doesn't stay more than two rounds on the table !

Even the Land Raider, painted a long time ago, didn't escape this malediction !

The game was one of a kind: Nids everywhere, Terminators falling from the sky, and Chaos Gods laughing hard. Our Astartes and Mecanicum alliance couldn't resist the Great Devorer and Chaos Space Marines alliance.

To win or to loose, what's the matter ? We played, had a good time and took great pictures. An apocalypse game is made to see great armies have great battles on great tables.

The Med Tour is also having a BBQ with friends, to take time to discuss about our Holly Hobby and everything that happened during last year.

Second Day...

A croissant, a coffee and 'ere we go !.

This time, it's desparate times : we decided to have a mirror alliance on both sides. An astartes, a Nurgle Marine, a Khorne Marine and a Necron players will fight.

I decided to keep only one terminator squad in reserves and place all the other squads on the table.

Apocalypse isn't only a big fight. It's a wonderful huge fight with huge armies, huge Lords of War and themed armies. 

You'll see a 7 Nurgle Chaos terminators squad and a Khorne demon possessed dreadnought fall from the sky... Right in the back of your previously decimated terminator squad !

An Apocalypse game allows players to create crazy armies. Like a Nurgle army based on the sacred number 7, or an all Forge World Mecanicum army.

All you need is time and motivation.


Med Tour 2014 - Preparation

I'm done with the Med Tour's apocalypse army preparation.

It all started with this :

Count 36 terminators to be painted, or refreshed. I won't keep the dread and paint a new one. The Land Raider will be the only one who won't give me any work.

It took me one full year to mount, paint and damage a 3k Dark Angels Deathwing Apocalypse army. It's based on Belial and a command squad, three squads counting ten terminators each, a venerable dreadnought and a Hellhammer.

Belial and it's command squad :
Games Workshop, pro painted
Belial and it's Command Squad
All these terminators take place in a Land Raider Crusader :
Pro painted
Dark Angels Land Raider Crusader
First terminators squad : the Titan Killers
pro painted,
Dark Angels - Titan Killers squad
Second terminators squad : the Xenos Slayers
pro painted
Dark Angels - Xenos Slayes squad
Third terminator squad : the Angel's Wrath
pro painted
Dark Angels - Angel's Wrath squad
I painted a Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought :
pro painted
Dark Angels - Legacius Deathwing Venerable Dreadnought
And you can't pretend to have an apocalypse army if you don't have a Lord of War :
Pro painted
Red Fury - Hellhammer version


Hellhammer and Baneblade - Red Fury

I'm happy and proud to show you the Red Fury. It took me two complete month to paint it, but she's a beauty, isn't she ?

pro painted
Red Fury - Hellhammer version
I magnetized the kit in order to be able to change the tank configuration. Hellhammer, Baneblade, with or without turrets.

pro painted
Red Fury - Baneblade version
And because I need to travel a long time to play an apocalypse game, she can be unmounted, armor plates included.

Red Fury - Travel version


Hellhammer - WiP 08

No post last week, I was too busy too work on the Red Fury.

As you can see, she's almost ready to go.
Just need to work some details on the guns and the ladder.


Hellhammer - WiP 07

First pic in complete Med Tour configuration.

Hellhammer WiP #7
The beast's ready for another aging step : micro-weathering made by brush, to add to all the ones I already created with blister foam.

For those who asked me : "Why spending so much time on a mini ?" I'll answer with this picture.

On the left, I created impacts with blister foam only.
On the right, I added details with a brush.

And I'm not finished yet...


Hellhammer - WiP 06

I'm still working on the Hellhammer's battle damages.

Both side turrets are done, as are all the protection plates.

As I was asked for, here's a close up on the micro-shipping :

I begin with Dryad Bark. This will be the base damage , you can leave big spots. It is the oldest rust.
Then a lighter brown pass in Doombull Brown to represent fresher old rust.
Some places are passed in Jokaero Orange to represent the micro impacts on paint. Every little impact leaves bright red traces , shown here in orange, without leaving bare metal.
Finally, the work is completed with the edges passed in Leadbelcher.

This is only the first part. It should also paint rust drips and add shadowing juice. Not to mention the weapons' aging.


Hellhammer - WiP 05

Still working on the hellhammer micro-shipping

I almost finished the main body. One side turred is ready, but I'm not satisfied with the rusted effect I applied.


Hellhammer - WiP 04

A very quick WiP from the Hellhammer.
My daughter failed a 3+ save and had to be carried to the hospital emergencies for exams.
Everything was back to "normal mode" this week-end, bt I prefered to paly with her than painting.


Eldar Knight #1 - WiP 01

While it's too hot here to paint, I'm working on my next project : a pair of eldar knights.

This one will have a sowrd, and I tried to give him an original pose.

Still some details to wsork but he'll be like that on the battlefield. Witah a worked base, for sure.


Hellhammer - WiP 03

Still going and going...

Tracks were done in the shortest time ever ! Black basecoat, Doombull brown and some drybrushed Boltgun Metal to finish. Et voilà.

Metallics are done, need to finish the black parts. Than, weathering.


Hellhammer - WiP 02


Red's done, black in progress.
All the rivets are painted in Boltgun Metal, top add a "steampunk" touch to this beast.

I still have a lot of work to do, but I'm satisfied with this (bright) color choice.


Hellhammer - WiP 01

Last but not least, I'm working on the Hellhammer.

Still a lot of work, but it'll be in red and black.


Preparing an apocalypse army (WiP 4)

I have my 2410 points of Dark Angels ready to fight !

Dark Angels Apocalypse army WiP

Just need to add 590 pts with a Hellhammer and I'll be ready for the Med Tour.

Planification works. And rocks.