The end of the world challenge: FaQ

   As the date to send the first photographs of your army advances (and is't Monday 31 of January…), differents questions arose.

Should a new army be started again?
   Don't. The goal of the Challenge is to empty the wall cupboards, not to encourage us to launch us in a new project which will remain at the stage of " to finish, one day…".

I already have 3000 points, can I take part?
   Yes, and you are impressive. However, it's one crowned motivation and the proof that one can assemble an army of consequent size without losing his motivation for painting.

Why 3000pts?
   Because it's possible to play 40k and apocalypse. Playing 3000pts armies gives you the pleasure  to play big points units.

Why impose the standard diagram? 
   The Challenge's goal  is to be able to play 40k and Apocalypse. This is why Super Heavys aren't included in the 3000pts. Free with those which are inspired by the Challenge to assemble an army including a Apocalypse formation . That will make more large animals at the end of the year.


The end of the world challenge: da rules

   The project's growing, here's a post to establish some rules for this challenge.

   How does it work? The original intention of the End Of The World Challenge is to empty our  minis stocks. And that means a drastic purchases reduction to the strict minimum and motivation for painting. Moreover, it is disadvised to start a new army… unless you already have one in stock (!). For those who don't want to purchase and painting a superheavy, don't worry. The large beasts are there for  pleasure only.

   Who can take part? Who wants. Just a moral engagement to take part each month by publishing a photograph of all the painted army. For those who want to take part of this challenge and be published in this blog,  you can send me your army pictures to the following adress:  Via40k[at]Gmail.com.  Pictures have to be sended before the 1st day of the month with your nickname, army painted name and points value. Pictures will be published the first saturday of next month.

   How much points? As announced, the army must go up to 3000pts in a standard army diagram . No apocalypse formation allowed. A superheavy can be added to this army, knowing that the knights count for a half superheavy… And Reavers count double! 

   When does it start? It's already started. The participants have for the majority an army in progress which painting advances at low speed… then the Challenge is there to give a whiplash to motivation.!

   Deadline? The 3000pts army must be painted for January 1, 2012. Then, is't the joy of being able to rub with the apocalypse format.


The end of the world challenge

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   As we all you know, the end of the world should take place in 2012. Who says end of the world says apocalypse. Who says apocalypse in 40k says 3000pts and super heavy. The conditions are met for the Challenge of the End of the world

   Objective of this challenge: we get ready to paint and be able to play an apocalypse game with 3000pts in 2012.
The rules are basic:
 - A standard army in 3000pts. 
 - 1 Super heavy.
 - Rendez vous in January 2012.

   To make it true, pictures of the all armies in progress  will be published every month. All that is painted will be presented on the table, so that we'll all be able to see the armies growing bigger. The blog will give an account of progress of the various protagonists.

Let's get started!

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