Deathwing Knights - WiP 1

  No tile to loose, I must have a five Deathwing knights squad done before may 24th !

  One done, four to go...

Detail : I used Screaming Bell for the red metal.


WaterGun - First Dark Angels real test !

  First field test for the Deathwing, with an army inspired by the Purging of Kadillus book.

  To grossly summarize the book, it's the confrontation of a massive WAAAGH and a Dark Angels contingent. Belial is present to direct the operations.

I mounted an army (1500 pts) with:
 - Belial accompanied by a squad of terminators.
 - The Ravenwing unit: 3 bikes and an assault one.
 - A tactical unit with rhino.
 - A unit of scouts.

  For fun, I've added a Deathwing Knights unit. However, they do not appear in the photos: I had to use an assault terminators unit in count-as.

  To stick to the story, it had had to face a horde of orks, but these were the necrons.So I added an Aegis defense line with AA autocanon, in anticipation of some croissants flight.

The battle highlights :

  Belial, a squad of terminators and an assault bike remain blocked in melee by a simple necron warrior. And, despite the boss' death, it just pass his Cd test with a minus 5 !

  The final clash: the last Necrons squad accompanied by their Chief in second confronts the tactical squad and the Knights of the DeathWing.

The great discovery of this game is the Deathwing Knights. This terminators unit is simply the best terminator unit created ever ! They hit with S6 I4, cause fear and have T5 in close combat; all of it for the same price than 5 assault terminators !

It's decided, I need a 10 DeathWing Knights unit to play in an Apocalyspe game !


Dark Vengeance part. 1 : terminators - WiP 1

  Back to basics with the Dark Vengeance box terminators. The Sergeant is the first to be painted, I need it for the Dakka 2013 tournament.
  Figures are good quality, although one-piece cast slows down the painter's fervour. Had to deal with the extended edges and false hollows, but nothing too bad.

  Another good surprise: the 'clone' terminator's weapons can be easely exchanged. But it will be for next week...


Ravenwing squad

  The Ravenwing squad I started last week is already completed. Painted for resale, it's painted in the Ravenwing's colors instead of the Doom Angels'. This is why the painting was very easy and fast.