Epic Rap Battles of History

I discovered Epic Rap Battle of History via Facebook.

I was... epic.

The video I'm always playing xhen I need to present ERB to anyone who doesn't know what it is is "Adam vs Eve".

Two guys rap vs each other, playing an historical personn, like Adam, Batman or... Hitler.

These guys are really talented. Their role play is perfect, and you can't resist to play it again and again to read all the lyrics.

They just delivered the second video, of their fourth season...

Another video ? Guess who's playing Moses...

I let you play all these songs, some are better than others.
Believe me, you won't be disappointed.

Here's their YouTube Channel, check it out !


Chevalier Eldar #1 - WiP 06

At last, some progress !

I finished the base, made in the same urban fight zone than for the Revenant I painted for the same customer.

It's painted in a blue-gray base, with brown drybrushed zones and building parts.

I have to finish the highlights, put some blue base on all the gems... and then I'll paint all  the gems.


Peter de Sève

I can't draw a hand correctly (NSFW) and I struggle to paint correct rust effects. But even if I can't produce anything good with a pencil, I'm still mad about graphism. 

And on the top of it, there are cartoons.

I really enjoy cartoons. Since I'm in age to watch them, I never ever stopped.

Then came Ice Age and it's main character : Scrat.

This pretty stupid animal was created by one of the best cartoons drawer I ever knew : Peter de Sève.

He gave the New Yorker some of its best covers, and always gives me a smile when I look at the illustrations.

Fortunately, you can find (almost all) its great work in one book.

And if you want to have news, you can follow Peter's Blog.
You can even buy some illustrations (!)...