Titan Killers terminators squad

The first terminator squad for the Med Tour 2014 is ready !

If you take a closer look on the right, you'll see the assault canon owner is based on a Dark vengeance model. 


Deathwing Knights, they're back !

After I had five Deathwing Knights in my Dark Angels army, I finally understood that I needed five more Knights to play this unit in an apocalyspe game.

Warhammer 40,000
Repent your seens !
With  a deadline like the Med Tour 2013, I was on a rush to paint five more knights.

terminators squad
Sinners, prepare your souls...
Playing such a squad is a pleasure. But they lack mobility and fire power. Well... This justifies the acquisition a shiny Caestus Ram, isn't it ?


Terminator ready !

As I'm still preparing the Med Tour 2014, I'm proud to tell you I finished my 36 terminators preparation. 

First of all : Belial and it's command squad.

First squad : the Titan Killers

Second squad : the Xenos Slayers

Third squad : the Angel's Wrath

All the painted terminators where at the Med Tour 2013. I added new ones to have three full squads. Next posts, I'll give more details about all the bitz I used.