Armorcast Warhound #1 - 20

I finally received my Vallejo surface primer. 
I never tried it before but it seemed better for me to have a grey base on all the mini.
It'll be easier for me to add the white, black and red primer.

Base is on WiP, and I had some ideas while working on it.
Stay tuned, I'm on it...


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 19

Last steps before paint.

Working with the very few details I founded, identification symbols will be added on the warhound.

On the right side, a blue disc with a unicorn inside
The blue disc is the princeps rank, the unicorn is for the princeps' emblem.

On the left, a yellow ace of spades, the warhound's hunting group symbol.

All these symbols will be painted on the legs' external side, and the shell.

Each legs' inner side will be different.

On the right side, there'll be a black and red checkerboard.
I'll use it as a killer board.

On the left, side, a red lightning.
A fast attack symbol.

The base is a WiP, I'm working onit and waiting for some materials.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 18

Last researchs for the banner.
I need a break.

I'll work on the base and, as soon as the paint can are here, it will be brushes time !