Med Tour (part 4)

So, hoard u want'd moar ?

The 2012 Med Tour Med had a particular theme: the Horus Heresy.

  And when you see the Lion's Gate assault replayed on a table... it seems that, with a bit of motivation (and much work), one can create beautiful things.

  Ten posts won't be enough to show you all Tour Med marvels. This is why I warmly recommend you make on the site of the French Waaagh, and the Med Tour 2012 section.

  To all those who ask me who made the two Knights Titans and if there is still a way to get them, here's the answer.

They are OoP (Aka Out of Production).

  Beautiful work, they were created by Mr. BigDaddy. Although no more Titans manufacturer today, he still creates many beautiful minis.

Check it out: blightwheelminiatures


Med Tour (part 3)

Before the Med Tour, I had never ever played Apocalypse 40k . The biggest army I ever played was 2000 points so far, and Super Heavy had never left the showcase for the battlefields...

Apocalypse battlefields are A.W.E.S.O.M.E !
When I found myself in an Apocalypse game with no less than 40,000 (forty thousand) (!) points on the table, I realized that I was in heaven. A precision by the way: anyone can set up an army to 4000 points. But when you want to take part in the Med Tour, it is WYSIWYG Full Paint required (NO exception). I therefore played on a table with huge sets, and fully painted armies, from the basic grunt to the hugest titan.

Paradise now!

First game, Orks vs. Rest of the world was a feast for the eyes. Result is irrelevant, because playing with so many points on the table gives you vertigo. The absence of "real" Imperial as Warhounds and Reavers motivated to me to paint one.

Defend the door against a horde of orks? check!
Come get some !

Next day, it delivers cover with a less violent portion with "only" 24000 points on the table. Necrons-Orks vs. Alliance. Eldar Imperium.

This gives a drop-pod that landed before a horde of Orks.
-They are 300!
-We are 10.
- But we are Space Marines!

In conclusion: I have less than a year to paint an Armorcast Warhound and a FellBlade.


Med Tour (part 2)

The Tour Med is a  French Waaagh members gathering Perpignan city. As usual, it's time to play Warhammer 40,000 but here, it is only in an Apocalypse scale !

4,000 points Doom Angels army. Almost...
I came with a little less than the 4,000 targeted points, blame the delivery of two "small" Forge World Eldar minis. After hours of train, I finally arrived in Perpignan, I 'm allowed by the Catalan hospitality , accompanied by a human warmth like no other.

Saturday morning, I discover the playing room. There are four tables and all the armies accompanied by their Super Heavy (tanks, walkers and mega-creatures). Apocalypse means huge tables. And for the Med Tour, the main table represented the Lion's Gate. It is here that we are going to (re)play one of the greatest Horus heresy battle.
Tanks in the ramparts are Stormblades and a Land Raider.

The Lion Gate and the Emperor's gardens.
His Spirit was present on the table.
The other tables were beautiful too. I wish to thank the the Med Tour for the tables quality. It is rare to see so much sets in such quantities and qualities. All full painted, for sure.

Dominatrix vs. Phantom. Epic played in the 40k scale...
(to be coutinued...)