Preparing an apocalypse army (WiP 2)

Time to check the Dark Angel Apocalypse ary project.

It started in september, with this :

Many empty bases, ans a Heavy tank to paint.
Cherry on the cake, all painted minis, except the LRC, need a refresh !

February, here I am...

A new dreadnought and a new Belial added to the "to do (army) list".
But I already painted half the army.

So, to anybody who wants to start such a project : don't give up. Never. 


Angel's Wrath squad

Finished!  I managed to find the force to finish this third terminators squad. Since April 2013, I painted nothing else but termis. Time to have a break, isn't it ?

Ready to fight !

The squad counts 5 Thunder Hammers, three "tactical" terminators and two Heavy Plasma carriers. Each squad member carries a shield. A Storm Shield  for those equipped with a Thunder Hammer, a shoulder shield for the others.


Bobby trap !

Which one, which one ?
Here the scenario that we generally use with the club, in order to change sempiternal “Kill them all”.

The scenario is played with six objectives, numbered from 1 to 6, that you place on the table with the number not being visible. It is preferable not to place the objectives in the deployment zones, in order to support moving, instead of "stand by" armies.

Movement phase

Each objective is equipped with a movement detector, with a 2 inches range. Vehicles and walkers do not start it… the rest does ! Once the detector activated, an infernal countdown starts. If the objective is not defused in time, a plasma load will destroy it (great explosion, S7 AP2).
From this moment, the unit wants at all costs defuse the bomb in order to save the objective.

NB: if a unit begins the game, depth-strikes or disembarks in a distance less than two steps of an objective, then the rules above apply immediately.

Shooting Phase

If it's not already done, the player MUST place a figurine of this unit in contact with the objective. The rest of the unit profits from a free 2 inches movement to remain in cohesion with the figurine in question. The unit can NOT fire. It's too occupied protecting the bomb disposal expert.

NB: any unit can, and must, try to defuse the objective, from the moment it is not a vehicle nor a walker.

One reveals the number of the objective and one passes to the phase of draining.
One launches a dice and, according to the number of the objective:
  1. Draining always successful 
  2. Draining successful on 2+ 
  3. Draining successful on 3+
  4. Draining successful on 4+ 
  5. Draining successful on 5+ 
  6. Draining successful on 6+
a/ Draining went well, then the objective is conquered by the unit. Classical objectives rules  apply then: only the troops can have it.

b/ Draining failed. The plasma load explodes. Great explosion, S7 AP2.
Obviously, the objective is destroyed and withdrawn from the table.

During the movement phase, the player's unit that started the detector can place more than one figurine in contact. Thus, during the draining, the player can launch one dice for each mini in contact with the objective.