[Elite] Assault Terminators

   Assault Terminators... They are beautiful and soooo violent in close combat.

   I chosed to have two lightning claws and two thunder hammer to face any situation. The sergent was prepared to get lightning claws but finally, I gave him a thunder hammer and a realistic combat position.

   I'm pretty proud  about the painting work I made on these minis: freehands on all the shoulder pladrons!


[Elite] Terminators

   Preparing your army for a tournament can bring a mini back to paint. For exemple, I finally painted a banner for my terminator sergent. And I prepared a terminator equiped with a chainfist and a storm bolter.

   For memory, Doom Angels are descendants of Dark Angels. However, for dark reasons related to their foundation, the armours all are painted in Orkhide Shade. Even for the sections of terminators (from DeathWing) or of motor bike (from RavenWing). That also enables me to play them in count-have  vanilla space marines.

    I started these terminators... two years ago! And one of them is my "Precious". When I saw the Space Wolves Terminator's assault canon, I really wanted to have one.
   But how could I include a Space Wolves gun in a Dark Angel army? With a DeathWatch Terminator! ^^
   This allowed me to include this amazing plastic piece of a gun. An I have to say that I'm pretty proud with the painting work I done on this one.


[HQ] Archivists

    In 2009, my first HQ choice was a librarian in terminator armor. He was wainting in the darkness since I started to play 40k and I really wanted to paint him.

   The armor was painted in Orkhide Shade because I don't want to have an army with as many colors as functions. The Doom Angels are one and stay like this. The blue color was limited to the left paldron and the psychic protection.

   After some games, this mini was replaced by a chaplain, then by the captain Tavern my favorite.
   In 2011, Archibald is back on the battle field! He has losed some weight and his terminator armor.

   Like the first time I didn't paint his armor in blue. But this time, I modified the mini. The left arm was changed for a plastic one, with a DeathWing paldron.

   I added a flying skull because Archibals is an HQ choice.


Challenge of the End of the world: some progress

Fourth month of the Challenge and some of us made e turbo-boost... while others are in stand-by… 

   Stunt painted only one mini last month... And because what is assembled cannot be included,  he has one big work of painting in the next days!

    With the tournaments of Dinan and Saumur, Tunio bosted his painting speed.  He added no less than 674 points in one month: 1 lord, 12 warriors, 2 Destroyers Heavy, 3 Spectras. What makes a total of 2153 points of Nécrons!

   For my part, painting advances gently. I have to work in my new house^^. The scouts passed to 10. What makes us 2250pts of Doom Angels for the month d' April.


Dinan - March 26 &27

   Extraordinary event that can't be missed under any pretext, the tournament of Dinan (France) was back this year after an eclipse in 2010.

   Program: four games with a format 400, 750, 1000 and 1200 points on saturday and large one with 2000pts Sunday. Dinan is played buy pairs,  sunday we'll have to face not less than 4x2000pts on a table!

   For this occasion, I just had finished to upgrade my Doom Angels army to 2000pts. 
    The games were based on traditional scénarii (kill points, objectives, etc) spiced with  "special" conditions of battle...

   An exemple: Fuel oil is expensive! Before each movement of a vehicle, the player launches a dice. On 1, you won! No more gas. Your vehicle stops and cannot move anymore.
   Fortunatly, your HQ can reload it.

   Like every year, the handing-over of the prices held surprises. For example, the  Kill 'em all price was a cranium with a half-brain (hi hi). 
   Tunio and Aarghal won with the Fluff price, proving the utility of reading many many books from the Black Library… 

   In conclusion: Dinan is a tournament like no other,  with animated evenings and a... different environment