Les Hussards d'Isengard 2012

No post this wek-end, I was playing all the time at Rennes ! New post saturday, I promise.


Ulthwé - Titan WiP 2

Finished, let's paint it.

Or not.

Don't you see ?


No ?

Reactors are inverted ! [insert meta-facepalm] It took me two ours to mount correctly those $%! reactors...

And now, painting time !


Ulthwe - Titan WiP

  I'm not finished with the Eldars ! But this is the last (but not least) "mini" I have to work on: a Forge World Eldar Phantom Titan.

  A good position is pretty hard to find, and when you finally founded it... the weight and the stems positions modify  it.

  But I'm still on it and I wish I'll start the painting work next week.


The good, the bad and the ugly


  Games Workshop decided to impulse a big revolution in it's paints. They removed all their actual production and gived us all new shiny paints. 

  Every player with a full painted army will ask this question to its retailer : "does it change anything ?" Yes, it changes ! Names aren't the same, new paints are brighter and last but not least, the colors aren't exactly the same...

  This is why I decided to stock as much Orkhide Shade as I could, I have a 3000 points Dark Angels army and I want to keep painting it with this particular color.

  On the other side,the reds seems to be brighter. And clearly, I agree with this. I changed the highlights I made on the red parts because I founded them too dark. These new paints will help me.

  And last but not least, these new paints are coming with Dark Angels minis. (source: apocalypse40k) And it means the Dark Angels are back. And that's really good !


  With all the pre-Heresy stuff Forge World gave us, I was impatiently waiting for pre-HH terminators. But...

  But the new termis aren't the one we can see in the Horus Heresy books series. These are "Tartaros pattern terminator armor". Awwww...

  I know I won't buy it. The Mk IV look is pretty cool, but the "terminator" look isn't here.



   Grey Knights and Bllod angels are the first Space Marine chapters with a real flying machine: the Flying brick Stormraven.

  When the Storm Eagle appeared in the last days of march, I tought it was a joke. The Forge World Open Day was annouced for the 1st april, so it had to be an april's fool, right?

  It wasn't. And it seems to be the result of an alliance between a Stormraven and a Tau Devilfish. And I don't like the result.

  Forge World, how can you give Space Marine players such an ugly plane thing, when you can create this amazing flying machine to the Imperial Guard players? The Avenger seems to come from my dreams! It's so amazing that, even if I'm not an IG player, I'll buy one for my own pleasure.

Source: apocalypse40k