Hellhammer - WiP 01

Last but not least, I'm working on the Hellhammer.

Still a lot of work, but it'll be in red and black.


Preparing an apocalypse army (WiP 4)

I have my 2410 points of Dark Angels ready to fight !

Dark Angels Apocalypse army WiP

Just need to add 590 pts with a Hellhammer and I'll be ready for the Med Tour.

Planification works. And rocks.


Deathwing command squad

Last squad for my 3k Dark Angels apocaypse army: Belial's command squad.

Full paint
Belial and its command squad.

This squad is the final step in a long time project, started in semtember 2013. All the bitz I needed to create this squad took me years to get.

Bases come from Dragon Forge Miniatures, shoulders pads from Scibor Miniatures and all the minis are based on the Deathwing knights squad box.

Belial's equipped with Canis Wolfborn's lightning claws and a Chaos Space Marines Terminator Lord cape. Its base was realised with a Gales Workshop Cities of death floor and a lion head I founded at Scibor Miniatures.


Deathwing command squad - WiP 4

Last but not least, Belial's my 36th terminator...

My terminator time will soon be finished, and these are good news.

Belial's bodyguards, a.k.a. the Lion's wings.

I gave them a symetry in their shoulders pads : they keep the angel on Belial's side and offer their ennemies the lion's anger.

First try with lights and shadows.
Not satisfied with the result.