Aegis defense line

Phew ! The defensive line is finally painted !

  Two parameters guided me to choose line's color: I had little time to paint it, and it needed to be compatible with several armies.

  With little time to paint the line of defence, I chose a thief painting technique: black undercoat, grey Army Painter paint bomb and that's for the base ! Then, Citadel Layer highlights: Ulthuan Grey followed by a drybrushing of the same hue. Dry brushing's here to give some colors to the large flat surfaces present on  the fortification.

  Then, here comes the aging itself. I start with a Prince August #822, before the 'real' aging. Using a blister foam, I'll treat all the surfaces, with particular emphasis on angles and sectors where shocks are more likely to occur. To complete the work, I added streaks of rust.

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