Dark Vengeance part. 1 : terminators - WiP 2

Wip in three steps : plastic - undercoat - painting

  Technically speaking, these three terminators aren't 100% Dark Vengeance. The heavy flammer and lightning claws are from the DeathWing Knights box. And as soon as they are finished, I'll have to paint five more Deathwing Kinghts.


Dark Angels Nephilim (bis)

  The Nephilim was finished in february but didn't have any base.

  This is what deadline are for : to give you enough motivation to finish the job !

  This urban base, even not as impressive than the one I created for the Stormtalon, gives me ideas for the bases I need for my future titans.


WiP and Deadline !

So little time, so many projects to achieve before the Med Tour 2013 ! Everything must be ready for august...


Deathwing Knights

  Deathwing knights are different from the other terminators units : they all wear a chasuble over their Armour. This fabric adds colour and distinguish them as "the" veterans among other veterans.

  Deathwing Knights being assault terminators, I took the same colour scheme than for my first terminators assault squad, painted in 2010 (!).

Terminators Games workshop 40k
Repent for your sins !
  These five first Knights will soon see five more terminators join them. This summer, I'll play a ten knights squad in an apocalypse game.


Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

I wanted to talk about minis, but a webcomic touched me deeply.

I'm talking about SMBC (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal). Every day, we get an all new free comic. Some are funny, some deep thought. Some both.

This one seems to be the best I ever read.