1850 points tournament, list refusal and obligatory painting. In addition, orgas imposed we wrote down a fluff to justify the army prepared for the tournament.

First game: Imperial guard 
  Scénarii: Quarters of table, objectives, KP.

Kill that tank !
  My oppenent's a youg man and this is its second time in a tournament. Three Leman, two Chimeras, a Basilik count-have Medusa and some troops. Our Holly Hobby isn't for him: its army, mainly supplemented with an orga's, is neither finished, nor WYSIWYG. (This guy just won the Most Awful Army Price).

  No stress, we're all here to play. The Multi-melta Dread enters with its pod and misses its shooting (SNAFU). Between the un-WYSIWYG and the Medusa firing indirectly*, I take amazing damages.

 I tighten my teeth, sends my remaining Assault Marines and Terminators to the dread's rescue while the surviving tactical marines add supporting fire. The last terminator will then seek the sections in the ruins. Its tanks explode while its sections die one after another. Victory !

(*) Medusa fires at F10 AP2, direct shooting only.

Second game: Blood Angels 
  Scénarii: capture (5 objectives), Kill the HQ, KP. 

Multi melta's... off.
  Sympathetic adversary, no Black Guard in its army. Three razorbacks, a librarian with Shield of Sanguinus, Two tactical sections with two Sanguiniens Priests, 4xMissile-Laucher Déva, Dread with double autocannon and Land-Speeder Typhoon twins. 

  Between this %¤µ*! Shield on the rhino carpark, the priests' Feel No Pain and my D6 who think they are D3, the game is difficult. I take death every turn, my bolts are made of rubber and the shieldings made in paperboard. Major defeat.

  The game was so boring my adversary apologises for winning!

Third game: Tau
  Scénarii: To take and hold, KP.

  Young player for a traditional army: three Crisis (XV-8 and XV-15) sections, three Fire Warriors sections; a Hammerhead and two XV-88 to make bad things to shieldings.

  He doesn'tcontrol its army yet but, fortunately for him, this is my first time against Tau since we are in 40kV5. Former player Tau v4, I know that he fears close combats. But if I start running in the No man's Land, I can see three railguns which awaits  an error to smoke my tanks.

  The dreadnought arrives in drop-pod and … f*cks up its Multi-melta shooting (ace usual) on the Hammerhead. This one will survive all the game! I drive the terminators in a ruin to dislodge the XV-88 twins. Intelligently, my adversary protected them with seven warriors.
  Despite the amount of fire power delivered by the Crusader, the Fire Warriors resist! Unloading and assault. A termi dies under a combat drone blows. Shooting phase then assault with the XV-88. Another drone kills a terminator. Who programmed those $µ!£ drones !?

  At the battle field other end , a Devilfish unloads its load before attacking the marines. Epic phase of shooting where, after having avoided all the possible projectiles, a tactical marine fires from the rhino trap and... that transport smashes down! Assault marines attack and early reduce it to stray … but they lost two brothers in the following explosion.

  An cool game, with a pleasant and talented adversary despite its weak experice. Facing him again will be a pleasure. 

[Eat, Drink, Sleep]

Fourth game: Dark Eldars 
   Scénarii: Table quarters, objectives, KP.

Hold at any price !
  My oppenent belongs to the WaterGun association too but we never played together. Small detail which has its importance: the game proceeds entirely in night combat! The scenario is simple: each player must go to seek an objective in the other's zone while preventing its adversary from coming in.

  I gain first turn and sends the dreadnought multifuseur-bolter … which misses. SNAFU! The two first turns resemble at my second game: dices start again to think they are D3. Unable to aim correctly, Ravers swing between projectiles. Only trophy to my credit: a complete motojets section, pulverized by the Crusader.

  The game takes a new turn when a simple Scouts section manages to resist a Wyches assault… before making them flee! Meanwhile, Tactical marines hold their position on the smoking ruin of their Rhino, while waiting for reinforcements. And here come the reinforcements. For both sides!

  The game soon becomes an extatic dream where the Pleasure of playing two perfectly paradoxical armies in an epic confrontation  is palpable. Not less than fifteen (15!) units mash up on a modest table quarter encumbered with smoking carcasses. Shooting, fire support, charge, counter-charge. Projectiles fly everywhere, blows rain as hell, dices roll unceasingly and we completetly forget what time it is. Started at 09:30, the game will last no less than 4 hours for four turns (we had to stop it).

Epic battle is epic !
  After ten years practicing our Holly Hobby, I have never ever played such an epic game, with such difficult and crucial strategic choices. I want to thank my adversary for this game that'll remain for a long time in my memory. Thanks to him, he pushed me hard in the game and helped me to discover Warhammer 40.000 on a new aspect. 

Fifth game: Daemons 
  Scénarii: Cross the table, KP. 

Le wild Bloodthirster appears !
  Back from Nirvana, I fall in Hell. I will have to face an army from the Daemons codex, improbable alliance from Khorne and Tzeench.

  On the menu: Daemon Prince twins, Soul Grinder twins and 3 Horrors sections. What an imagination you have! Let us add a Bloodthister, 8 Khorne Flesh Hounds and 6 Tzeentch Flamers for the fluff. And two Khorne Bloodcrushers to have a1850 points army.

  The scenario's not helping. I form a death star at the edge of table and forward! Waves of daemons crash on my defenses, it's annyoning. To add to my chance, my adversary plays its life on the table! Its dice, launched with rage, cross the table and, too many times, land on the ground. He turns as a tiger trapped in a cage while I'm playing and doesn't speak.

Result is like the game: boring no one wins.

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