DeathWing - WiP (2)

  Working on the banner. Red is ready, got to realise the same lights and shadows work with the black and the green (damn!).

And after this, must write the Doom Angels credo: UNITA PER PUGNATI


DeathWing - WiP

I'm having a break between two big Eldar minis.

This is the first member of my DeathWing army. And it'll be the only one for some month...


Ulthwé - Avatar

  We are in March, God of war month! I've just finished the second part of a three Eldar figurines order, all from World Forge.

  The first was a Cobra Mk II.
  The second an Avaatar of Khaïne.
  Third one is [surprise!].

  Each one had to be painted in the Ulthwé vessel-world colors (black and yellow). I'm happy to have accepted this order, despite the material difficulties and the constraints that imposes.

  I wanted to work with a reduced pallet to keep at Ulthwé colors: dominant black, yellow for the details. Ivory underlayer to obtain a luminous yellow, then armour plates painted in black (dominant color), with edges in orange.

 To finish, gems were painted in nuances of blue. Metals didn't receive any wash. I started with a dark metal (Boltgun Métal) before painting the edges with brilliant metal (Mirthril Silver).

 Last detail, three kanjis were painted on the loincloth: water - fire arms. Which can be translated in "WaterGun", our association's name.


Ulthwé - Avatar WiP (4)

  I finally founded some time to paint the Avatar. Hope to finish it for next week.


Ulthwé - Avatar WiP (3)

  The Forge World Avatar advances slowly. Veeeerryyy slowly. If the various elements take some colors, the loincloth remains unpainted, didn't find a good color choice...