Deathwing command squad - WiP 3

Only three terminators before the cherry on the cake, a.k.a. Hellhammer. Sooooo Good !


Deathwing squad command - WiP 2

Banner, Medic and Champion ? Check.
Belial and it's guards ? To be done.

I'm only three terminators to the cherry on the cake, aka Hellhammer. [insert happy smile]


Deathwing squad command - WiP 1

Back to terminators...

I'm not finished yet wih terminators ! I need to have the last terminators sqaud painted. And this one is Belial's Command Squad. It will be an all shiny full options squad.

On the left, Belial and its two bodyguards. Belial is equipped with lightning claws "voluntary" offered by a Space Wolf. His cape was took on the fresh slain body of a terminator chaos Lord.  His bodyguards will have a small cape, and their shoulders pads are specials.

On the right, we have the banner, Chapter Champion and the apothicary. Special shoulders pad are used too, to show this squad is different. 


Preparing an apocalypse army (WiP 3)

The army's going on pretty well. Three  terminators each couting ten models are ready to fight. The all new Venerable dreadnought's done and battle damaged.

I need to paint Belial and it's command squad to complete the army.

Then it's cherry on the cake time with the Hellhammer.


Dark Angels Venerable Dreadnought

I won my bet, the dreadnought was finished before the end of march.

This mini required much work, a venerable isn't a grunt which paint can be neglected.

First work : magnetise all the weapons and arm's shoulders.
Then incorporate the heavy flammer in the body.
Lastly, adapt the Deathwing banner on the top.
Second weapon : the assault cannon. 

The Weathring is  more "worked" than on older models, like its base. I needed this mini to be more realistic and old than the others.

Small details make great difference, I added a parchment issued from the devastator kit on the engine rear block. And painted Dark Angels on it.

The banner's back carries the Doom Angels Chapter colorsBlack on top right, green on bottom left, and a red diagonal for separation.

[click on the picture to see it larger]
Last weapon : the twin linked laser cannon.

There too, both shoulders are the same. 

The dreadnought's base a vanilla Games Workshop. I added bitz and sand to create an "urban fight" environment.