Heresy Death Guard - 02

Back to painting minis.
After one complete year on a "small" titan, it's a bit difficult to work on such a small scale...

I'm still working on the colors, and didn't decide everything.
But it's a new start for me, with bright colors. (yay!)


Death Guard - 01

Hello you all happy tax payers, have a happy new year !

Now the Warhound is finished, I'm on a project I really wanted to work on since Forge World started the Hesery miniatures.

I'm using Prospero Burns Mk III plastic minis to create a 30k Death Guard army.

For a start, I'll paint a 1k points army, but I won't stop here.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 40

It was too fast, there won't be any post #42 for my first Armocast titan.
Ready for the Battle !
The banner's created with oldies and wome personnal stuff.

You can find :
- the warhound's "m" 
-T for Adeptus Titanicus
-The French Britain Cross
I added some extra detail son the warhound's rear. Based on the epic model, there wasn't much.

I tried to use bigger cables, but due to mecanical problems, I had to choose smaller ones. They seem a bit too small, unfortunately.
The base.

I tried my best.

Wish you enjoyed it, I'm working on another one...


Technical Break before a new start

Now I finally founded a new home, I need to prepare my stuff. This is why I tried to sort all of my Holly Hobby before I leave.

I solded enough stuff to buy two Burning of Prospero boxes and stay on three projects only. All the other projects where solded or letted down.

Now, here's my to do list :

    1- Dark Angels
    2- Armorcast
    3- Horus Heresy

#1- stand by, i'm not painting anything before some years.
#2- one Warhound down, one more to go. And three reavers too.
#3- 150 SM from the Mk II to Mk V tp prepare...

Stay tuned !


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 39

Banner is painted and on the Warhound.
Last step : the base.
I'm not good at it, but I'll do my best.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 38

Back to work !

I didn't post anything last week, I was with my children. As a divorced father, these times are more important than our Holly Hobby.

I created the banner as a mix from old v2 banners, with some Forge ref.

On top, you have the old Warhound symbol. Then the T for the titan legio, remixed with some pointy eighties flavor.
(yes, I'm a metal head)

I still need to paint it in red and black.

One big regret : I didn't use magnets when I created the banner support.
It's glued under the Mega Bolter, which means I can't remove it for transport. :-(