Back on tracks, one step at a time...

Hi all.

This post is about why I quit the rat race with 40k and the Dark Angels.
I'm done with it.

I'm back on tracks, after a long time out. I needed time to fix some parts of my real life. I didn't fix everything. But for now, let's say it will be ok.

I've been playing WFB and 40k for about ten years. I had up and downs, but never ever stopped playing.
And since long ago, I want to play Deatwing terminators. The ones who where fighting Genestealers in the first Space hulk version Deathwing extension.

I'm playing Dark Angels since 2008.
Well... Dark Angels or Vanilla Marines, because they have shiny stuff.
2013 : I stopped playing Vanilla Marines, Dark Angels only.
2015 : new DA codex, I have to play it 40k7 style.

When the all shiny Vanilla Marines codex appeared in 2013, I wrote down my point of view on the game.  The new Dark Angels codex made me have  another pause. I had to consider how and why I'm playing DA, and what I want to do now rules have changed for the green angels.

So, what's new in the 7th version ?
  • Belial doesn't allow you to play Deathwing terminators as troops. Which means that you can't play a 100% Deathwing  army anymore.
  • Graviguns for everyone ! Yay or nay ? Nay ! I can't afford new boxes.
  • Ravenwing gets moar powerrr !
This... sucks far Deathwing players.

After days, I decided to keep it down with the rat race.
I already have a 3k Deathwing army ready to play and I definitely not ready to paint more tactical marines.
And... I think I'm done with the Dark Angels. I painted green marines for 7 years, created a 3k Apocalypse army from scratch in less than ten month and now, I need some new stuff to work on.

I have knights and titans to work on, and an all new 30k apocalypse army to start.
Let's get it on !