[Elite] Ironclad (WiP)

 As usual, I'm late in painting for the End of the World Challenge...

 This is why I present you a work in progress picture from my first "real" Ironclad Dreadnought. It won't have a Games Workshop left arm, but one from Forge World.


[Heavy Support] Predator

   When I knew I was going to play in Saumur at a "Heavy support museum", I needed to ad a predator to my Dark Angels army.

   As a heavy support, the predator as a big red sword in front side, the wings are in the botz box. The sided heavy bolters are removable and can be changed for laser canon... which aren't painted right now.

   I didn't make as much damage on this vehicule than I used to. (I didn't have enought time) Anyway, I think i'll keep t like this. To much battle damage kills it.


WaterGun - June 11

This Saturday took place the monthly meeting of the WaterGun association.
With the menu, a 1500pts game and a 2x1000pts game.

I' started by facing Mallarky's Thousand Sons.
Classical scenario: table quarter and annihilation. 

   The game was very brief. Between his AP3 weapons and my dices with only 2 faces (1 and 2), I was properly turned over.

   However, the game was pleasant, my adversary being as surprised as me of my lack of chance… 
Nounours bringed he's three Nurgle Daemon princes.

   Second game in alliance, 2x1000pts.
Confrontation between Doom Angels & Thousand Sounds vs. Blood Angels (Co of Dead) & White Scars.

   It was epic! The White Scars were completly destroyed during the shooting times, while the Company of Death survived a storm of balls.

   Both Death Company dreadnoughts, delivered by Drop Pod (in our lines!) during the first turn gave us something to fight during all the game!

   We finally overcame the Blood Angels and their allies after having come very close to a catastrophe with these cursed dreadnoughts…


Challenge of the End of the world: will work for you

   I didn't work on my Doom Angels army this month. But I still worked for the End of The World Challenge: I had to paint a Forge "mini" for a friend. He already has a 3000pts Eldar army, but urgently needed his Cobra MkII to be painted and asked me to do it.

   Painting a Forge mini always starts with hours of preparation. File, drilling machine, sandpaper, Greenstuff, cutter and much elbow grease will be essential for you… And do not count on the note to help you, an Ikea piece of furniture is simpler to go up with!

   I hadn't any constraint for painting: I just had to clearly show that the Cobra came from Ulthwé. For the remainder, free for all.

   The Cobra is an antigrav tank all in length (30cm) having an asymmetry: the main gun is shifted to the right. From the beginning, I had in idea to paint a color band running all along the tank. (so 80' S)

   Whereas I wanted to start on a three bands cross, I quickly realized that the structure of the Cobra did not allow it. I' had to simplify the drawing.

   I' started by under-laying in ivory before tracing the bands with masking tape. Then, black underlayer. And like you can see on the photograph, the gun's ventilation cap presents a perfect default...

   I' also had recourse to the underlayer, practical to paint large surfaces in little time. The lower part has been realized with a Boltgun Metal underlayer bomb.

   The result being very dark, I didn't need to to pass black ink. I painted all the corners in Chainmail to give relief.

   The engines were painted separately. Then, painting of all the numerous gems. And, believe me, there are many!

Click to see the animal in large size ^^

   The rest is traditional: bands were painted in P3 yellow, while the gems were painted in Nécron Abyss. I chosed to paint the gems in blue instead of red to reinforce the cold aspect of the cobra. A little stain, but not d' impacts of balls, that remains Eldar.