Ravenwing squad - WiP 1

A quickly taken picture from the current Ravenwing squad.
  Issued from the Dark Vengeance box, it's painted in the "right" colors. This squad's intended to integrate the Doom Angels for the time of a tournament. After, it is for sale.

It's good to have a speed painting session sometimes...


Land Raider Redeemer - WiP 2

Burn heretics, burn !

  The LRR (Land Redeemer Raider) assembly, builded for the (future) Death Wing Knights is finished. The configuration is not the same one as on the first Land Raider. I wanted to give it an older aspect, more massive.

  In order to facilitate transport (and disassembling), the turrets are magnetized. I added a plastic door inside,  then glued a 3mm magnet on each sideFor painting, the turrets are not stuck, as well as the Space Marine arms. It may be necessary to wait a bit to see it painted, I have other minis to paint for a tournament.


Land Raider Redeemer - WiP 1

Now that I finished the resumption of the Forge master painting, I prepare a new unit: Death Wing Knights. These Knights are a close combat unit in terminator armor, and they need a new transport.

  It will be a Land Raider Redeemer (to burn the heretics!), heavily modified to show it's an elite unit vehicle.

  The reinforced armour is produced by Scibor, and gives a superb "Dark Angels" look.

  As any kit resin, it requires some work recovery and adaptation. In addition, it is necessary to modify the side turrets. You'll need to erase the reinforcements on the two support plates.

  A good point: the plates are at the Land Raider dimensions and they properly fit.
 You don't have to heat and bend. (who said Forge World?)


Forge (re)Master

Click to enlarge (big picture)
  Here is the 2009 Forge Master with a new painting scheme. I think it's better than before, with more Highlights and paintint work. Repainting all my 3000 pts army is totally worth it. (pics soon)


Forge (re) Master - WiP 1

  Since August '08, I'm painting Dark Angels. This allowed me to get to a 3000 points army, including a titan knight. But after more than four years of work, my painting level has improved. To the point that I decided to repaint all the Doom Angels...
Forge Master WiP (remastered version)
The original paint was made in 2009 and is visible here. And it seems... dull.
Now I need to lighten the edges, refresh the reds and redo the lenses.
In a word, BACK 2 WORK !