Webcomics on a smartphone

Hello there.

For more than a quarter century, I've been reading and collecting comics and graphic novels. All my bookcases collapse under the number of books, but I'm still buying and craving for more.

Even if I'm french, I'm an english reader. And almost all webcomics are in english. So when the high speed internet came home, it gave me an "all you can read" #nerdgasm. (yay !)

But there still was a problem : all these comics where drawned to be read on a large screen. Like a paper or PC screen. And on a tablet when they appeared. Even with the best smartphone, it isn't easy to read such a format on the screen.

Then... I discovered WebToon.
And their Android and Apple apps.

When you've created an account via Facebook, you'll keep a list with all your favorites and some other functions like notifications on your phone when new chapters are published in the comics you added in your favorites.

To be honest, I'm addict. I'm having strips orgies, like when somebody watches an entire season during a night. You can read all the panel without scrolling. The app allows you to gently touch your screen up and down to go for it. It's really cool and helps to feel good while reading.

The comic I'm reading right now is DICE.

Just try it, it's worth it.


Armorcast Warhound #1 - 01

I'm Back on tracks, and it's hard to gain some speed. 

I'm out of Mojo.

I needed a big project to work on. If you need to aim, aim high.

I choosed an Armorcast Warhound.

It's a clunky, old school and smaller than the Forge World version, but it's cool.

And you can paint it with an eighties flavor other Super Heavies can't get.

So, here I am, puting some ideas on paper. Trying to figure how to reproduce the flashy colors of the 80's space ships when YouTube played this scene...

I just got the idea : I'll paint the warhound in an all Monty Python's Holy Grail theme.


Med Tour 2015

New year, new Med Tour and... new minis wallet !

And, as every year, there's no free space in it for some spare minis.
The 2015 army is special : I have only one vehicule. And it's a Super Heavy one.
All my other minis are... walking. And no, there's no dreadnought.

I'm coming with 10 scouts and no less than 42 terminators.

After the friday welcome back cele- bration, and a very short night, back to war !

Apocalypse tables are huge. I mean, this one is a 168 by 72 feet table !

And everything was painted. #joy

All we had to do was preparing our armies, grab dices and templates and let's roll !
Here's a little story about the templates.

First, they where white.

Then, they became flashy green with the all new shiny Apocalypse game.

And... BAM ! here comes Apocalypse Mk VI flavor.
And you have to change all your templates for a loosy blue color.
These templates were a pain in the *ss... They were floppy, you had to mount and dismount them and they were... crap.

Then comes the 40kv7.
And you can throw away your crappy blue templates and cry after your good old green templates you throw away...

Or buy the all new white templates.

Wait ! Did I say white ? Oh, Games Workshop, you go back to basics.

What about the game ?

It was a 9k points game, with a Mecanicum / Deathwing / Space Wolves vs Astra Militarium (2 times) / Word Bearers.

There where seven knights, a Hellhammer, a Shaqowsword and an Armorcast Warhound.. Which means a lot of Super Heavies and small place for the other people.

I was a ggod game, which we won. The v7 Deathwing's different. I have to adjust my way to play it but the good point is the "run and fire" when you deep strike.
So sweet.

[next post : the second day]


Med Tour day minus 5

Preparing the Med Tour : must check everything twice, and finish the minis....