Kouz's blog

I had a car crash and couldn't paint.
(yes, one more time)

But I can give you some Hobby pics.

Take a look at this SMC dreadnought. I took the picture on the following blog: Les Kouz.

Don't panic if you can't understand french, Google offers you a magical button.
Just press it and magic! it's translated.

Enjoy !


Friday 4 Coma

Hello you all readers.

No progress, I still have medical issues with my arm.

While surfing on the net, I founded some webcomics to make you wait. First one : Friday 4 Coma.

Even if it's a japanese webcomic, don't panic ! There's no text at all in the panels. They'll give you a good laugh, I promise.

Take a look at the omaketheater.

And if you like manga, anime, japanese culture and video games, here's a second one.

This one can be more borderline than Omake Theater.

Take a look at Dueling Analogs and enjoy.



I'm sorry readers.

No post this week, I can't use my right arm correctly.

It hurts.