Back to basics

New vs Old color scheme
  The 40k v6 arrival has schaken the foundations of my Space Marine player convictions: goodbye powa-glove sergeants, pay back time for the energy weapon sergeants!

  While painting a new sergeant equiped with an energy mass, I decided to start a repainting of all the other sergeants. Since I painted the Land Raider Crusader, I modified my paint scheme. The green highligts are clearer, reds are over worked and the visual impact is not negligible.

  But the figurines painted since August 2008 do not benefit from this new scheme. I was inpired by an article entitled How to paint Dark Angels posted on the taleofpainters blog. Presenting an effective color scheme, I decided to apply it.

  As you can see below, the new (but not complete yet) rendering seems britghter. And I'll have to apply it to the 3k+ points Dark Angel army already painted ... (I know, it's a crazy project)

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